logarithmic scale

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scale on which actual distances from the origin are proportional to the logarithms of the corresponding scale numbers

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Using data from a group of people completing the measure, it is possible to estimate this level of item difficulty (the item parameter) and place this along an interval logarithmic scale.
Richter, is a logarithmic scale that expresses the magnitude of a seismic disturbance in terms of the energy dissipated.
The result is shown on a logarithmic scale, similar to the Richter scale method used in measuring earthquakes.
Since magnitudes are given on a logarithmic scale, an 8.
This may not sound like much but since decibels are based on a logarithmic scale, an increase of only three dB results in doubling of intensity.
A near-linear dependence of RMS roughness with the measurement length scale (L) is found on a double logarithmic scale, i.
However, it is often more informative to explore age-specific incidence rates by logarithmic plots The age-specific rates were graphically analyzed on a logarithmic scale and plotted as the log age-specific rate versus the log age at diagnosis (Figure 3).
GMTs of antibody and their confidence intervals were computed by transforming the results to a logarithmic scale, assuming asymptotic normality conditions were satisfied on the scale and converting back to the original scale.
1, "Development Cost Trends," uses a scatter plot of various programs on a logarithmic scale.
The Chart, in a logarithmic scale, describes the breadth of capacity options that customers have for tape solutions, ranging from a 36GB single drive to multi-petabyte enterprise systems.
Devised by American geologist Charles Francis Richter, the scale measures the magnitude of earthquakes on a logarithmic scale, so that a quake of magnitude 5 is 10 times more powerful than one of magnitude 4.
For estimation of correlations, we assumed that all pairs of congeners had joint normal distributions on the logarithmic scale, and used maximum likelihood to estimate the correlation while accounting for the censored observations.
Since dB are on a logarithmic scale like the Richter scale, adding 10 dB of processing gain means the system has 1/10th the noise of a system with no processing gain (0 dB).
For the analysis of CD62P expression, data were acquired in real time with a primary gate set on a dual-parameter histogram of forward light scatter logarithmic scale (abscissa) and side light scatter logarithmic scale (ordinate).