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red-fruited bramble native from Oregon to Baja California

large red variety of the dewberry

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Lady Thatcher and Denis stayed at the Loganberry Inn B&B
Loganberry offers 12 yogurt flavors at a time, with 36 flavors that rotate through, and more than 50 topping options.
The tayberry is also a blackberry/raspberry hybrid with extremely large fruit with a sweeter, more aromatic flavour than the loganberry.
Hybrid berries such as loganberry and tayberry can also be trained over arches to form useful shade and a delicious crop, for example when they're loosely tied into a chunky wooden arch.
The loganberry is a cross between the raspberry and which other fruit?
The wine shows aromas and flavors of loganberry and blueberry, with hints of spice.
The winery produces classic reds and whites but has become known for its raspberry, blackberry and loganberry wines as well as its substantial and sweet dessert wines: black currant, raspberry, loganberry and hazelnut.
T: The loganberry, a hybrid developed from the blackberry and the red raspberry, is named after J.
The Red Square range includes original Red Square Reloaded, the new Red Square 'Green' with a twist of tequila and authentic Mexican lime, Red Square 'Black' Wolfberry Ice, and Red Square 'Purple' Loganberry Ice.
They include strawberry, blueberry, red and black raspberry, white and red cranberry, mountain berry, forest berry, loganberry, bilberry, blackberry, and boysenberry.
Available flavors: Blackberry, Boysenberry, Gooseberry, Loganberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry.
Besides, how can you not respond to a play whose title character is at once a skilled plumber and makes a mean loganberry flan?
The original berry farm was run by Walter Knott, who nurtured a new strain of blackberry vine grafted with red raspberry and loganberry.
These beverages are also sweetened with Splenda(R), delivering zero calories, zero carbohydrates in three new flavors -- Luscious Loganberry, Passion Peach and Quintessential Kiwi.
A Loganberry is across between a raspberry and which other kind of berry?