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A common barrier to intranet adoption in today's workplace is the sheer volume of business applications that all require separate access and log-in details.
Fifty-two percent use Facebook to log in, with Twitter (15%) and MySpace (14%) making up more than a quarter of log-ins.
com and you will be requested to enter your log-in ID and password.
The team promptly eliminated or turned off the extraneous traffic, and experienced an immediate increase in response times for log-ins, print times, e-mail and Internet access.
Second, it's probably a good idea to keep the number of log-ins and passwords to under a billion per user, all the while maintaining the highest levels of security.
Then you can enter a single log-in and a password that doesn't go across the Internet in the clear.
Log-ins had become a particular problem for the $4 billion Conexus Credit Union of Regina, Saskatchewan, as it approached the end of its first decade of using a Citrix remote network to link its approximately 1,000 system users, including about 700 who log in daily across its now 46-branch operation.
lt;p>It means that people will be able to sign into Facebook using their log-in credentials from Gmail.
Symantec said attackers used a computer program to access the website's employers section, using stolen log-in credentials, from where they used the log-ins to harvest user names, e-mail and home addresses and phone numbers.
With Mobile Banking Lite, customers can save their log-in details and just enter their password to view their account balance and past transactions.
Rather than just log-in and password, the system also integrates log-ins with Active Directory functionality, allowing log-ins with regular network credentials and then controlling access to the new network passwords in the appliance.
Be cautious with any message, post or link you find on Facebook that looks suspicious or requires an additional log-in.
The same image and phrase is then displayed to the member during log-in, confirming that he or she has accessed the credit union's authentic web site.
Once the account is activated and the devices are paired, users can add any website that they choose and enter their log-in information only once.
Make sure any applications you use do not store your log-in details and never store reminders of log-ins and passwords in your contacts or texts.