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enter a computer


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While the Social Pricing Extension engages customers through popularity-driven promotions, the Social Log In Extension helps to make registering with your website even easier.
All patients were encouraged to reduce caloric intake, follow the DASH diet, exercise at least 180 min/week and to log in to the study website at least weekly.
Log-ins had become a particular problem for the $4 billion Conexus Credit Union of Regina, Saskatchewan, as it approached the end of its first decade of using a Citrix remote network to link its approximately 1,000 system users, including about 700 who log in daily across its now 46-branch operation.
Fifty-two percent use Facebook to log in, with Twitter (15%) and MySpace (14%) making up more than a quarter of log-ins.
When users log in, Desktop Presenter applications are ready to go and do not have to be individually configured on each machine.