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Synonyms for loftiness

Synonyms for loftiness

the quality of being high or lofty


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impressiveness in scale or proportion

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True to the subtitle, the book provides pathways into thinking about key themes, concepts, and issues in moral theology, an approach that simultaneously underscores the loftiness of the calling and grounds it in common experiences.
In the newly renovated downtown Tucson gallery, dozens of artists' statements about the meaning of enlightenment now dot the raw brick walls, creating an air of loftiness to the sky-high wooden rafters.
Wherever one goes in the Sultanate, he finds castles, fortresses or an archaeological house that is not different in loftiness or height from any castle.
Though admittedly shorter than the Tucson it replaced, this ix35's perceived loftiness gives it a bulk and a presence that Crossover buyers will probably rather like.
I tried to express the natural beauty and loftiness of birds, with a combination of a feather s thin quill and broad vane.
4) This suggests a certain decorum of height, a loftiness of gait and gesture, shoulders high, head erect.
Adopting edge-lit LED technology, LEAFIA has reduced thickness by over 80% to reach 8mm, creating a sense of lightness and loftiness when hung from the ceiling.
You may realize that August does have a Caesarian loftiness about it and the holiday you missed has been fully recompensed by staying home and making peace with yourself.
However, the problem is that notwithstanding the rhetorical merits of his dissent, to say nothing of the loftiness of its sentiment, Harlan did not champion the notion that segregation necessarily violated the Constitution.
Angelou was a "phenomenal woman of insight, eloquence and artistry who gave voice to the rawness and loftiness of our history and our humanity,'' said Rep.
THE extravaganza of linen, loftiness and literature that is the Hay Festival is upon us once more.
Workplace spirituality is an effort to make sensitivity towards beyond-personal, intra-personal, extra-personal and inter-personal relations in work-life for personal priding in order to achieve human loftiness [2].
There is none of the loftiness of a poet reaching for the stars here.
The loftiness of this supernatural vocation reveals the greatness and the inestimable value of human life even in its temporal phase.
The Prime Minister said today, a nation's global status is determined among other things by the creative potential of its people, the loftiness of their ideals, and strength of their vision and power of their dreams.