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a fine-grained unstratified accumulation of clay and silt deposited by the wind

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In this study, we evaluated the effects of different mulching materials (PE film, biodegradable polymer film, liquid membrane and maize straw) on soil water and temperature, maize growth, crop yield, and water use efficiency in the semiarid Loess Plateau of China.
The amendment effect of biochar on soil water holding capacity and plant growth demonstrates that biochar could be an effective organic material in the field of agricultural production and ecological recovery in the Loess Plateau.
The Loess Hills District has a longer growing season that allows later-maturing grapes such as Norton, Chambourcin and Noiret to ripen before fall frosts arrive.
Through the measurement of gas exchange parameters and WUE, adaptability of the two shrub species to different soil moisture was analyzed, and this study provided a theoretical basis and scientific guidance for the selection and planting in alpine region of Loess Plateau.
Loess overlies Cretaceous sediments which are predominately composed of marlstone of Turonian age.
It presents like a pleneplena covered by loess to about 150-200 m altitude in which is developed the surface of superior leveling of 150-390 m of Central Dobrogea, a maritime level which tilts slightly to the south and east.
Evidence for Loess on the Dowagiac Delta, Berrien Springs, Michigan.
Here at the contact between the loess and fluvial deposits occurs a horizon of iron-stained sediment and deposits of organic matter in a blue-gray clay layer between the loess and a lower gravel layer.
What we're proposing is that, during the glacials, when it's colder and drier, there's severe wind erosion in the Qaidam Basin and the dust gets blown out and deposited downwind in the Loess Plateau:
The results led them to propose that during cold, dry glacial periods, there is severe wind erosion in the Qaidam Basin and the dust gets blown out and deposited in the Loess Plateau, home of the largest accumulation of dust on Earth.
Micromorphology ans Quality Attributes of the Loess Derived Soils Affected by Land Use Change: A Case Study in Ghapan Watershed, Northern Iran.
Twenty two soil profiles derived from piedmont (shales), alluvium, loess and re-deposited loess underlain by Quaternary sediments in Peshawar district were sampled and analyzed for total Cd, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, Zn, and Pb using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.
The Thin Loess resource area comprises soils developed from windblown material, generally [less than or equal to] 1.
Some specific paper topics include critical state parameters of Kentucky clay, characterization of compacted loess by electrical resistivity, a rate-dependent constitutive model for sand, and a method to evaluate the shear strength of granular material with large particles.
12) dramatically illustrates how China's once-arid Loess Plateau--once known as the place with the highest erosion rates in the world--was dramatically transformed into a fertile, moist landscape through revegetation.