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a fine-grained unstratified accumulation of clay and silt deposited by the wind

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Whilst Scott stressed the unique nature of the bone heaps, Callow emphasised that they formed part of the cyclical loess sedimentation that provided the matrix for the underlying layers (A and 5).
Our maps show that the loess gets increasingly silty toward the northern and northwestern parts of the delta surface, and that it is quite sandy at the distal edges of the delta.
Investigation revealed that the organic-rich layer, which occurred beneath the loess (Fig.
Frequency (%), mean cover (% of total area), and importance value (IV) for the species encountered at Twin Mounds and at Twin Shelters Loess Hill Prairies, Pere Marquette State Park, Jersey County, Illinois (* exotic species) Twin Mounds Prairie Species Freq.
In spite of the fact that the confidence intervals around the original LOESS curves are wide, we do see a pattern in the data that suggests that low levels of planned concurrency are more problematic than higher levels of concurrency.
Known as the "bread basket of China," the Loess Plateau is the largest accumulation of dust on Earth.
One meter below the silty loess in northern China, private miners discovered iron ore.
These sections, situated within the areas of the maximum advance of the Don, Oka, and Dnieper ice sheets as well as outside the glacial zone, contain key palaeogeographic markers, such as moraines left by these glaciations, loess horizons correlative to them, stratotypic (Likhvin, Chekalin, and others) interglacial horizons of palaeosols, lacustrine and alluvial sediments, etc.
Maosi, on the Loess Plateau in north-west China, is remote and beset by poverty and a harsh Altiplano climate.
Buried soils are found throughout the world, and are common in eolian deposits, such as loess and sand dunes, and alluvial deposits.
The parent material is made up of eolian loess sediments and whole and fragmented mollusk valves (Mactra isabelleana, Erodona mactroides, Tagelus plebeus, Littoridiana australis, Buccinanops cochlidiu and Adelomedon brasiliana).
14]C from the Dover sole otolith cores in both categories was plotted along with a loess (locally weighted least squares) smoothed curve of the [DELTA][sup.
The natural small mammalian fauna consists of several species of rodents and shrews with a strong psammophilous element where loess soil was mixed with sand.
Figures 6 and 7 show the results of median standardization and Loess normalization, respectively.