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Synonyms for lodgment

bringing a charge or accusation against someone


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the state or quality of being lodged or fixed even temporarily

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This initiative will further boost the Australian tourism industry and online lodgment of Visitor visas has now been rolled out to over 200 different countries and regions across the world.
Indiscriminate feeding habit of bovine is always associated with lodgment of foreign bodies in any part of gastrointestinal tract mainly oesophagus and reticulum.
ISLAMABAD -- The High Court Bar Association in occupied Kashmir in a report has said the detainees are highly depressed and frustrated due to lack of adequate legal aid, facilities for arranging escort to attend the courts on due dates, proper medical facilities, food and lodgment problems The court conducted its annual visit of various jails in Jammu.
It was alleged a bank lodgment book found at the flat revealed PS66,500 had been paid into an account in Zhao's name between June and September.
Objective: To assess the common mode of presentation and sites of lodgment in cases of nasal leech infestation.
Following the lodgment of order (also today) with the Registrar of Companies of England and Wales and the "Scheme" is now effective thereby paving the way for implementation of the Restructuring Transaction.
The lodgment as key and decisive terrain for the Army.
Tunisia's lodgment of its ratification documents of the OIC charter "confirms the role of Tunisia and its full commitment to support Islamic joint action through effective participation in all the organisation's activities in various fields," says the communique.
Given the lodgment from the South Korean side, we would like to find out the reality.
The role of PLX-1 is to improve the homing of hematopoietic stem cells and their lodgment into the patient hematopoietic niche using engineered mesenchymal cells.
We understand that tax practitioners, their clients and other taxpayers have been struggling to catch up and meet the various lodgment requirements related to tax.
Yasmeen Raja in a statement issued in Held Srinagar, said that the detainees in the Baramulla jail were facing lack of basic facilities like arrangement of escort to attend the courts on due dates, proper medical care, food and lodgment problems.
Lodgment of the application will result in development by the EMA of Terms of Reference for completion of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed facility.
E[acute accent]Established in 1987 as a Distributor of Global eXchange Services, InterCommerce has been providing EDI services to more than 500 importers and Customs brokers since the launch of the remote electronic import entry lodgment facility at the Bureau of Customs in 1998.
The alert was raised after a member of the public found several lodgment books scattered on Main Street and handed them into bank officials who became suspicious and contacted the credit union.