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a house where rooms are rented

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City ordinances prohibit more than three unrelated people living in the same dwelling unit, but they are allowed to live together in a lodging house.
HATS off - or should that be beanies off - to Evander Holyfield, who not only served the soup at Glasgow's Lodging House Mission yesterday but made a healthy donation to the cause too.
This rare tinted 1858 original photo of a grand three-bay lodging house and beach chalet from my private collection shows just how Redcar was in need of a sea wall.
October 5, 1953: A lodging house to replace the dilapidated 198-bed Chapel Hill one would lose Huddersfield Corporation the government money to build 44 council houses.
Berwick visitors can also take in the Penny Lodging House, a semi-derelict Georgian building.
They included 'I'm 'aving a bevvie with a bizzie' and 'He's got a gob on 'im like a lodging house cat.
The second outbreak of cholera in Gateshead appeared on January 8, 1849 after a tramp arrived at a Pipewellgate lodging house from an affected area of Edinburgh.
The 1969 film showed Paul Newman and Robert Redford portraying the duo trapped in a lodging house in Bolivia before dying in a hail of bullets.
Where the CIA now stands police found one lodging house with 54 people crammed into four rooms.
Competitors were asked to design a prototypical individualized dwelling unit and the layout of 19 such units on a typical floor of The Andrews--Common Ground's lodging house on the Bowery--which will shortly be renovated to house the First Step Housing Program.
100 Years Ago An inquest at Birmingham Coroner's court into the death of Benjamin Harris (33), a lodging house manager of New Street, Birmingham, heard the deceased had been under treatment for pains in his head for about 12 months.
The two wooden barns measuring about 120 square meters and 40 square meters are believed to be a portion of a lodging house and bath house, members of the panel said.
Officials said the detainees -- including a South Korean couple operating a low-cost lodging house, Indonesians and Colombians -- were held at the Tokyo immigration detention center.
A RETIRED accountant who used her life savings to set up a lodging house for vulnerable people has scooped a prestigious new volunteering honour, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced.
A Highland Street home that had recently been eyed for conversion into a college dormitory is now being considered for conversion into a lodging house.