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shrubby two-needled pine of coastal northwestern United States

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John Misak, owner of Southern Rustic Furniture, uses lodgepole, as well as Ponderosa pine, in his furniture designs, which include tables, benches, cabinetry and furniture.
The common height for lodgepole pine is 70 feet with diameters of 24 to 30 inches, but trees can grow to 120 feet or more.
The study also says lodgepole pines are decreasing in number because climate warming is creating conditions that allow other species of trees to out- compete them.
Homegrown lodgepole pine is likely to cost a tenner less than a Nordmann fir
FAMILY FAVOURITES: The Nordmann, left, and Lodgepole, below, trees are always popular at Christmas CHRISTMAS CHEER: Make sure you check out your tree before buying to get it right
Additionally, millions of acres of lodgepole and ponderosa pines across the Western United States and Canada have been infested, with 40 million acres in British Columbia alone.
April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Cobalt Technologies, the leader in commercializing biobutanol as a renewable chemical and fuel, today announced a breakthrough in producing biobutanol from beetle-killed lodgepole pine feedstock.
This pinecone from a lodgepole pine is closed tightly.
Key words: Dendroctonus ponderosa, epidemic, forest management, habitat, lodgepole pine, moose, Pinus contorta.
Here Dennie Ibbotson has lived for 30 years carving majestic elk and other wildlife into lodgepole pine and ponderosa.
A study was carried out to examine log rehydration as a means for improving the quality of OSB strands manufactured from lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta Dougl.
A possible species for introduction for afforesting spoil areas is lodgepole pine, which is known as rather tolerant to pH and nutrient deficit in soil [23].
Hundreds of trees are on sale until December 17, including Norway spruce, Noble and Nordmann firs and Lodgepole and Scots pine.
In a mixed lodgepole pine and Engelmann spruce forest in Yellowstone National Park, Cullings's team removed half the needles on naturally reseeded pine seedlings.
A free wilderness permit is required and can be obtained at the Lodgepole Visitors Center.