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Synonyms for lodgement

bringing a charge or accusation against someone


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the state or quality of being lodged or fixed even temporarily

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I would encourage any organisation seeking assistance with online lodgement to ask for help early, Mr McCormack said.
Ingestion and lodgement of foreign bodies are common in bovine primarily due to indiscriminate feeding habits (Singh and Nigam 1981).
Developed by Impact Management Group, GovReports is the cloud based client management and lodgement portal designed for AUSkey holders to manage and submit reports from a single website to SBR ready government agencies such as the ATO, OSR and ASIC.
In addition to meeting the NDT, agreements will now not become operative unless the employer provides proof that the requirements for lodgement have been met, including the requirement for employee approval.
In total 689,335 returns were filed electronically: 324,710 over the Internet and 364,625 by Electronic Lodgement service.
The new style, gradually gaining a lodgement, insinuates itself into manners and customs, and from these it.
The total leaves just one case outstanding after 13 applicants got their appeal in before the deadline closed on 10 March 2000 following a seven-day period for lodgement.
DP Bureau -- is an ACRA-appointed Service Bureau, offering the lodgement and filing of business/company documents.
Contract notice: Provision of cash transportation and lodgement services 2018
ericfolz22 - 'Yad swear it was rocket science using the lodgement machines in the bank
Accountants and bookkeepers constantly provide us with great feedback about the time savings they enjoy and appreciate the convenience of the cloud statutory report lodgement service.
Among them were a copy of a pounds 250,000 cheque from Clayton's bank - and a lodgement slip showing the funds had been transferred into a joint account held by Hawkins and her then husband.
The accounts at RaboDirect, Ireland's only 'AAA'-rated deposit taker, are not subject to bank charges and no lodgement or withdrawal restrictions apply.
Donations can be made by bank transfer or lodgement to the Kieran Kelly Memorial Fund at the Bank of Ireland in Newbridge, County
The new system brings to individual taxpayers the advantages of only previously enjoyed by taxpayers that used one of the few accountants wired to the Internet service's predecessor, the Electronic Lodgement Service,' Mr Walton said.