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of or relating to locomotion


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Historicamente esta especialidad ha ido evolucionando de tal forma, que el propio Andry, no la reconoceria hoy en dia ya que estudia y trata a las enfermedades y traumatismos del aparato locomotor, las cuales representan un cuarto de todos los problemas en la consulta medica.
The assessment of locomotor activity and exploration in a familiar environment was done by home cage activity test.
The prevalence of locomotor problems was significantly higher in women (32.
The study showed rapamycin treatment four hours after SCI significantly improved locomotor function and reduced mechanical and thermal hypersensitivity in the hindpaws.
The other rats were sacrificed in the 6th week just after neurobehavioral evaluation (BBB locomotor rating scale).
5 [micro]l) in order to study the sexual behavior, and the other sixty four rats in 8 groups intracere-broventricularly received the same treatments for studying the locomotor activity and gene expression.
After eggs hatched, all offspring were measured and their locomotor performance was quantified.
It is known that sensory input is a key modulator of locomotor output [21], and indeed, this concept formed the basis for the promise of task-specific locomotor training (such as that provided by BWSTT) for improving walking following neurological injury [3].
com)-- The seventh edition of the classic "Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Volume 1, Locomotor System," recently published by Thieme, makes mastering a vast amount of information on the locomotor system much less daunting.
Synchronization between the heartbeat and locomotor activity rhythms (cardiac-locomotor synchronization; CLS) occurs in humans during walking and running (Kirby et al.
However, the carapace also places unusual constraints on the locomotor ability of turtles, because the carapace bones are fused to the dorsal vertebrae, designing a rigid body plan, which makes their body axis inflexible (Zangerl, 1969; Ernst et al.
To clarify a possible mechanism underlying the effect of L-THP on METH-induced behavioral changes, dopamine receptor mRNA expression levels in the striatum of the rats was measured following the locomotor activity study.
Our findings offer new insight into the Oreopithecus locomotor debate," says Russo, who is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Northeast Ohio Medical University.