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The rail company's immaculately designed pavilion -- modelled on an innovative locomotive engine -- attracted the attention of many visitors to the sprawling fair venue.
Chelsea have begun the season like a locomotive engine, but the season is long and the matches are not always easy.
I really enjoyed riding the bus because it looks like a steam locomotive engine," said Anita a student of G.
Fire service spokeswoman Tracey Williams said: "Sparks from a steam locomotive engine started the fire.
GE EvolutionA Series Locomotive Engine Earns UIC IIIA Certification GE Transportation, a unit of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), announced today that it has been awarded UIC certificates E-001/2009-02 for its EvolutionA V12 diesel locomotive engines that power its Evolution Series locomotives.
ARE-Energy's generator set, built from a re-manufactured GE locomotive engine, powers a massive 5,000-horsepower shredder operation at ARE-Energy's sister company, Cycle Systems.
Among them are diesel-electric hybrids, more efficient versions of the locomotive engine, which can cut emissions by 90% compared with the old diesel engines used to assemble freights in port rail yards.
According to ESW, 16 XTRM Cat catalysts will be installed into a GM EMD 645E3, 16-cylinder, two-stroke diesel locomotive engine being used in a commuter rail application.
The Federal Railroad Administration said Wednesday that commuter trains that are pushed by the locomotive engine - like this Metrolink train traveling south through the Santa Susana Pass - are as safe as trains that are pulled in each direction.
According to the paper, TC&W senior vice president Mark Wegner said that although some locomotive engine manufacturers do not include warranties for biodiesel use, Caterpillar, which provides the engines used by MPL, does.
If you've ever wanted to know more about jet propulsion or how a steam locomotive engine works, then this site is well worth a visit.
The father of the locomotive engine who did pioneering work in Wales will be remembered this weekend when three of his inventions are united for the first time.
Shahmir noted that specific benefits of converting the target vehicle and locomotive fleets to natural gas would be as follows: $1,439 million annual reduction in the use of fuel (gasoline and diesel); $918 million annual fuel savings; increased tax revenues; 75-100% increase in locomotive engine life; 48-92% reduction of CO emissions; 99+% reduction in particulate matter; and 57-92% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions.
As a thin cloud of greyish smoke rose from the horizon, someone shouted, A huge crowd surged forward, ignoring the rains pounding the platform and the tracks at Nairobi Railway Station, as Mount Gelai, a rehabilitated steam locomotive engine last seen in service in 1980, slowly came into view.
However, the adoption of the diesel locomotive engine and the recent general curtailment of railway service in this country has had the greatest impact on their working and personal lives.