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Locomote, a travel and expense technology firm, has inked a deal with Allianz Global Assistance focused at supporting institutes keep business travellers secured in case of emergency.
As well as offering the growing business travel industry customized insurance and assistance services, the deal includes a channel collaboration, where Allianz Global Assistance can provide customers a bespoke travel service powered by Locomote.
Our partnership with Locomote will allow us to offer our travel insurance and assistance services to Australian corporate travellers, whether travelling domestically or internationally, enabling us to expand our reach to this growing industry.
We are confident of the value that Locomote brings to companies and the way its solution enhances the efficiency of company travel management.
In attempting to examine how Lymnaea locomotes normally (i.
We therefore initiated a series of studies to help elucidate the means by which snails are able to locomote upside down at the undersurface of the water.
We hypothesized that this mucus adheres to the underside of the water surface and allows snails to locomote at it upside down.
When individuals of Lymnaea glide upside down at the water surface or locomote on an aquarium wall, they appear to secrete mucus from the foot.