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Synonyms for lockup

Synonyms for lockup

jail in a local police station

the act of locking something up to protect it


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Four former and current Texas Juvenile Justice Department guards were arrested Thursday as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged abuse at state-run youth lockups.
target shareholders, who can be hurt if the lockup is
This move, the court filings allege, allowed Pincus to sell $192 million worth of stock in April 2012, during the company's second offering and at a price roughly double what it was when the lockup agreements ended.
In contrast, for the 5-10 partner and 25 partner practices, lockup worsened by 5% and 8% respectively.
The MDA's Lockup program is a national fundraiser that occurs at various times throughout the year to help fund lifesaving research, a nationwide network of medical clinics and accessible summer camps for those affected by neuromuscular diseases.
The lockup period specified may range from several days to a couple of years, with a mode of 180 days.
According to the report, lockups, which typically last 90 to 180 days, are designed to prevent the market from being swamped with too many of a company's shares immediately after an IPO, as keeping the amount of stock scarce can help boost the price.
Unified communications platforms provider ShoreTel (NASDAQ: SHOR) said that six of the largest former M5 stockholders, including Dan Hoffman, president and general manager of ShoreTel Cloud Division, have notified ShoreTel that despite the recent release of the lockup of a portion of their shares, they currently do not intend to sell their stock for at least an additional six months.
Facebook's shares have been marking record lows since the first share sale lockup for insiders expired in August amid concern that businesses are spending less to advertise on the world's largest social-networking website.
It's the first in a wave of lockup expirations in the coming months that will quadruple the number of shares that can be traded.
Delphi's IPO prospectus states that all of its existing pre-IPO shareholders agreed to lockup 30% of their ordinary shares for 90 days and the remaining 70% for 180 days and this registration statement will allow them to sell the first 30% of their shares after the lockup period expires on 13 February 2012 and sales begin on 14 February 2012.
No, she aint there for the love ka last chance but to be the "sutradhar" to the celebrity couple, Krushna Abhishek and Kashmira Shah, who are going into the Love Lockup to solve their love issues.
We're looking to create a regional 911 service and possibly share a lockup with Winchendon," the mayor said.
HK) has said that Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) has extended a lockup period on the shares that it owns in the Chinese bank.