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someone who makes or repairs locks

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For the locksmiths working in these key shops, their experiences are as varied as are the shapes and grooves of the keys they make.
This is a bit like a locksmith putting a key in a lock - once the door is opened, it 'unlocks' processes in a cell that ensure it develops normally and that everything is properly controlled.
The money from Cancer Research UK will be used by Dr Mathew Coleman to try to discover how cancer 'steals the keys' from the body's locksmiths, disrupting healthy cell growth and function.
Suitable Providers will be required to hold a Mul-T-Lock Accreditation or Equivalent and Locksmiths employed by the Provider to work on this Framework must be registered Master Locksmiths with the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) or Equivalent.
Locksmiths want the Government to introduce controls on selling the devices.
The spokesperson opined, Our expert emergency locksmiths are ready to render assistance during any time of the day and irrespective of the conditions.
If you have recently moved, we advise that you contact a local Master Locksmiths Association-approved locksmith.
You can develop your skills and knowledge, and keep up to date with new products by completing Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) short courses.
Now Craig, who saw action in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Afghanistan, has retrained as a locksmith and recently set up his own business, Key Commander Locksmiths.
Dr Steffan George, development director of The Master Locksmiths Association.
You can find a listing of reputable state-licensed locksmiths at lalocksmith.
Ensure to keep the number of your local Master Locksmiths Association member stored in your phone in case your child is locked in or out of your home.
Father-of-three Peter was inspired to offer the help at his business, Anvil Locksmiths, on St Ronan's Road, in Monkseaton, after being moved by the dedication of the Armed Forces.
Locksmiths can charge anything from pounds 50-pounds 95 per hour depending on what part of the country they are in and with high demand for their services at the moment there is plenty of money to be made, according to Adam Jackson of the UK Locksmiths Association.
In fact, locksmiths and mechanics refer to them as chip keys because of the tiny transponder that communicates with lock and ignition systems.