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a management action resisting employee's demands

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Most account lockouts happen when legitimate users repeatedly mistype their passwords or when passwords are automatically expired due to company policy.
While most of the sports-watching public is awaiting the potential doomsday of both an NFL and NBA lockout in the fall, other sports leagues are looking to take advantage.
A range of lockout boxes, cabinets and stations of varying sizes, features and contents can be purchased for one-stop safety shopping.
A number of studies have pointed to the rise in the relative importance of lockouts as a possible consequence of these reforms (Macfie, 1992; Anderson, 1994; Sheldon and Thornthwaite, 2001; Briggs 2004, 2005).
The indictment bolsters accusations made by unions during the 139-day strike and lockout that affected nearly 70,000 workers across Southern California.
At the time there were only two other Lockouts, one in the US and one on the Isle of Wight, nowhere near us here in Essex.
The 10-day lockout of West Coast dockworkers will result in economic loss to shippers and everyone along the distribution chain.
However, depending on the nature and importance of the contents, safe or vault lockouts can trigger major operational disasters.
Lockout and Remediation - Offers low, medium and high severity levels of access denial, as well as manual user lockouts and automatic lockouts via the Alert Manager.
The latest addition to Castell Iso-lok's range of ball valve lockouts has been designed for use with ball valves of up to 1" in diameter, ensuring maintenance shut downs can be implemented to the highest possible standard of personnel safety.
This paper compares the rise in lockouts relative to strikes in India and Australia.
It also comes on the 101st day of the supermarket lockouts and strike (Vons employees struck while Albertson's and Ralphs employees were locked out).
This paper comments on lockouts in Australia and Briggs' (2004a) study of lockouts published in the Australian Bulletin of Labour June 2004.
The act specifies 17 different defenses, including lockouts as well as labor strikes, said Robert Force, co-director of the Maritime Law Center at Tulane University.
CN (NYSE:CNI) (TSX:CNR) said today the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) has been asked by the Canadian government to determine whether specific rail services should be maintained in Canada in the event of strikes or lockouts involving three of the company's unions.