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a management action resisting employee's demands

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There are many kinds of lockout devices available on the market, each of which is suitable for a different application.
Abbott added that while the lockout may help the team from a business perspective, it will hurt it from a hockey perspective.
According to KHL regulations, contracts with incoming NHL players must include a get-out clause in case the lockout is resolved.
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds NFL's Lockout, League and Players Respond (http://bizoffootball.
New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams is working on a deal with Turkish team Besiktas, and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Amare Stoudemire of the New York Knicks have mentioned the possibility of playing overseas if the NBA lockout drags on.
For more information on Lockout Tagout Services and Solutions visit www.
Almost under any circumstances, we have to see through what's going to happen with the lockout.
The company decided to lift the lockout at its plant based on the assurances given by MKS-N.
Finally, it is important to note that Statistics New Zealand employs the convention that whether a work stoppage is classified as a lockout or a strike is determined at the beginning of the action.
Lockout is usually accomplished with a keyed lock holding an isolating device in an "off" position.
The new collective-bargaining agreement, reached after the lockout, introduced a salary cap and revenue sharing and made it easier for smaller market teams to compete.
Celanese imposed the lockout to inflict hardship on our members.
Using the scraper's footrest is a great idea--unless your heel rests against the differential lockout.
The useful lockout feature is now available as an integral part of Simplex 1000 Series mechanical pushbutton locks from Kaba Access Control of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Forging a Common Bond: Labor and Environmental Activism during the BASF Lockout.