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a management action resisting employee's demands

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There are many kinds of lockout devices available on the market, each of which is suitable for a different application.
Abbott added that while the lockout may help the team from a business perspective, it will hurt it from a hockey perspective.
Both teams have signed NHL stars during the lockout, with Dynamo picking up the Washington Capitals duo of Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, while SKA has added Ilya Kovalchuk, Vladimir Tarasenko and Sergei Bobrovsky to its roster.
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds NFL's Lockout, League and Players Respond (http://bizoffootball.
Talks between the NBA and the union broke down June 30, and the owners decided to impose the league's first lockout since the 1998-99 season was shortened to 50 games.
When isolation points were identified for which there was no pre-existing lockout device, novel products were designed and manufactured by Lockout Tagout Safety.
The United Football League (UFL) is seeking to bank on the potential NFL lockout.
Bosch, an auto parts supplier, lifted the lockout at its Naganathapura plant on March 13, 2010.
Fortress Interlocks has introduced the Lockout Scissor Hasp for use in locking off dangerous machinery in the workplace.
Both the lockout and lift lockout versions of the unit prevent the operator from continuing to use the equipment once the battery reaches an OEM specified state of charge.
That's why you should always use lockout blocks when lifting heavy loads.
During these procedures, stored energy is released and as a final safety measure, the worker verifies the equipment cannot be re-started after lockout is applied, thus ensuring the procedures are effective and ensuring the equipment is safe to work on.
As a result of the strike notice the Air Transport Industry Employers' Association and Scandinavian Airlines Sverige have given notice of their intention to call a lockout.
inflation and the unemployment rate) and government and social perceptions and attitudes towards unions and the issues in dispute, among other things, often override concerns about the legal status of a strike or lockout.
Lockout is usually accomplished with a keyed lock holding an isolating device in an "off" position.