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a worker in charge of a lock (on a canal)

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Wisely Mr Lockman does not attempt any on-the-couch stuff.
It seems Norm Lockman never wanted to be anything but a newspaper man.
Joe Lockman of South Umpqua won the 800 and 1,500 at a five-team nonscoring meet at Sutherlin.
Lockman has more than 45 years of experience in project planning, building design and development, detailed technical design and the production of contract documents for a variety of projects totaling more than 20 million square feet.
She married Bernard Lockman in Eugene on June 15, 1940.
TRAFFIC officer Richard Lockman caught dozens of speeding drivers when he dressed up as a leprechaun with his speed gun at a roadside in Orlando, Florida.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Pregnant women given a single dose of nevirapine during pregnancy to prevent vertical transmission of HIV were more likely to fail their own HIV treatment if it was started within 6 months of taking the nevirapine, Shahin Lockman, M.
These reservations about its peripartum administration were researched by Lockman et al.
The social context of learning by human infants is also emphasised by Lockman (Chapter 21), while Bushnell et al.
Blaylock has also ventured into credit research, hiring veterans Stephen Lockman, chief investment officer of fixed income, and Jeffrey Martin, head of credit research (both formerly of Stein Roe & Farnham).
It is impossible to acknowledge everyone, bur we particularly would like to thank the following MTNA members for their substantial contributions to the list: Janet Davidson, NCTM; Lora Deahl; Eugene Dowdy; Joanne Haroutounian, NCTM; Juliana Lockman, NCTM; Laura Melton and Judy Price, NCTM.
At is annual meeting earlier this year, the foundation's board of directors approved the appointment of Dave Lockman to lead the aggressive development of expos throughout the U.
Reps: J Lockman, M Maunder, J McKay, M Sheppard, R Hodges, P Herring, A Williams.
However Wanderers, though looking the less likely side, were still in touch with a Jason Lockman try on the wing and two penalties and a drop goal by full-back Jason Pocock.