locking pliers

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pliers that can be locked in place

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I was so impressed with the LockJaws that I purchased a complete set and turned over all my other locking pliers to Kate.
Leading the pack is Leatherman's new attention-getter, the "Crunch Tool," a plier-based folding multi-tool with locking pliers.
One is an automatic, self-sizing pair of locking pliers called the Craftsman Professional Auto Lock.
Covering the leak with a piece of sheet rubber, use a "C" clamp or locking pliers to hold the rubber in place.
In addition, Wholesale Tool is alleged to have used pictures of genuine QUICK-GRIP bar clamps and VISE-GRIP locking pliers to `bait and switch' catalog customers into buying products that are not genuine American Tool products.
Clamp a locking pliers or a C-clamp to the track just above one of the rollers.
Allen Petersen, the grandson of a Danish immigrant who invented and patented the Vise-Grip[R] locking pliers, died recently at his home in Barrington Hills, Ill.
Instead of regular or needlenose pliers, the Crunch[TM] is equipped with adjustable locking pliers, that grip like a vise.
If the nuts are corroded, use some penetrating oil or try grasping the top of the flange bolts with locking pliers while you twist the nuts.
Its product lines include VISE-GRIP(R) locking pliers, clamps and wrenches, QUICK-GRIP(R) clamping products, IRWIN(R) wood boring and cutting tools, POWERPRESS(R) pipe clamps, JORAN(R), TWILL(TM) and TURBOMAX(R) drill bits, JACK(TM) and UDEBRIK(TM) hand saws, SPEEDBOR2000(R) wood boring bits, MARATHON(R) and SPRINT(R) saw blades, PROSNIP(TM) snips, UNIBIT(R) step drills, HANSON(R) taps, dies and drills, CHESCO(TM) hex tools, and STRAIT-LINE(TM) marking tools.
Vise-Grips locking pliers are a great tool for pulling nails.
Locking pliers--Adjustable, vise-type locking pliers can be locked on to a workpiece, leaving both hands free.
Pull the spring back far enough to expose an inch or two of the front guide (#64) and hold it there by clamping a pair of long-nose locking pliers on the guide.
Whiteford Tools' Self Adjusting Locking Pliers solves that problem by automatically adjusting the jaws for yon.