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a fireproof metal strongbox (usually in a bank) for storing valuables

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Through dedication to user needs for a more cost-effective solution to the steel door industry's lockbox, Solar Innovations[R] engineered a lockbox to be used with its thermally broken aluminum doors.
The NYS Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) is seeking proposals for the provision of general baking services, retail lockbox services, manual (wholesale) lockbox services, and investment custodial services.
NYSE: PNC), has said that that its PNC Bank Canada branch (PNC Canada) has opened a new lockbox processing centre in Toronto.
Additionally, TransCentra now provides a single platform for clients offering both RDC and remote lockbox.
Henry Schein is "certainly among our most successful lockbox users," says Alan Evanish, senior receivables product manager at BNY Mellon Treasury Services.
Until now, brokers said, resistance to using lockboxes in New York has stemmed from security concerns, especially since traditional lockbox systems were little more than metal boxes with locks on them.
It may even be possible in high-tech industries, but I don't see it in industries that are more traditional, even if it's just a perception that it [traditional lockbox usage] works.
It appears debt is the overriding reason the lockbox is under pressure.
GE said that the ReaderKEY2 is a reliable, easy-to-use wireless lockbox key that allows agents of real estate to receive automatic updates on showing activity through the Internet.
There are features on the lockbox, such its deep channels and ribs with no fillets, that made it a tough lob for machining, especially in the timeframe we were given," said Morris.
To order a Neighborhood Heart Watch lockbox, please email Paul SerVaas at p.
Some steps in the paper process were completely eliminated (receive and load the lockbox file, resolve mismatch items from lockbox or in-house receipt, balancing in-house processing activity).
Adjustable to fit various gate sizes, the mounting plate and lockbox are available in a silver or black finish.
Staff at Lockbox ISPL are han-dling the thousands of cheques that are arriving every day for the Sudan Appeal.