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prevent employees from working during a strike

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HUD also issued policy statements discussing sham joint ventures, rentals of office and desk space, and lock-outs of settlement service providers.
They were warned that it must not be repeated, hence the lock-out.
Where a lock-out agreement is struck, a seller will agree not to enter into negotiations to sell his property to anyone else for a specified period.
The restrictions and the lock-outs that have occurred in recent years seriously affected the media's capacity to report the news and of course we believe the public was denied at times," Gillies said.
From lock-outs to changing locks after burglaries, from broken doors to windows needing boarding up.
Built-in AutoQC[R] module holds up to 40 days of QC material & automatically provides programmable QC regimens, lock-outs, & lot-to-lot comparisons.
WORKERS unfairly sacked after one of Wales' longest-running lock-outs have vowed to fight for compensation after their workplace was sold to developers.
Mechanical approaches to this end include physical lock-outs, defence-in-depth strategy, mandatory early warning systems, and enforced clinical pathways or algorithms.
Kia says a survey has shown that breakdown incidents are extremely low and the top five call-out requirements are for user-related issues such as lock-outs, and running out of fuel.
Kia says that a survey has shown that occurrences of vehicle breakdown are extremely low and the top five call out requirements are for user related issues such as lock-outs, and running out of fuel.
There were protests, sit-ins, lock-outs and much fun with secret files on MI6 recruitment.