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prevent employees from working during a strike

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The roll lock-out system is said to be easily integrated into any lock-out/tag-out program and features a readily accessible pull handle that engages the positive mechanical and electrical interlock components.
HUD also issued policy statements discussing sham joint ventures, rentals of office and desk space, and lock-outs of settlement service providers.
They were warned that it must not be repeated, hence the lock-out.
Where a lock-out agreement is struck, a seller will agree not to enter into negotiations to sell his property to anyone else for a specified period.
Chapters are included on the historical background, the legal framework, working-time laws, remuneration and wage issues, incapacity to work, job security, protection of certain categories of worker and protection against discrimination, covenants of non-competition, inventions by workers, settlement of disputes, trade union freedom, workers' and employers' organizations, institutional relations between workers and employers, collective bargaining, strikes and lock-outs, and settlement of labor conflicts and protection of vital needs.
Many symphony orchestras in the US have faced or are currently facing strikes, lock-outs, and/or financial difficulties.
said the AAA work accounted for approximately 35 percent of his business and included responding to calls from club members for services that included lock-outs, dead batteries and other car problems.
New Delhi, June 28 -- In the last one month, there has been several reports of growing discord between workers and management in the automobile industry and thus reaching to strikes and lock-outs.
While we do charge for certain lock-outs, in this situation the toddler was at risk because the food cooking had the potential to overheat and ignite and so it was important to gain access immediately.
A mere seven goals conceded in nine matches puts the Mackems behind only champions Chelsea when it comes to lock-outs.
The restrictions and the lock-outs that have occurred in recent years seriously affected the media's capacity to report the news and of course we believe the public was denied at times," Gillies said.
From lock-outs to changing locks after burglaries, from broken doors to windows needing boarding up.