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Synonyms for location

Synonyms for location

one's place and direction relative to one's surroundings

a particular geographic area

the place where a person or thing is located

a particular portion of space chosen for something

Synonyms for location

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During the month of March, the chain opened a total 209 new locations and reached a number of significant milestones.
Bryant, president and COO of the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, a regional marketing and economic development organization that, as part of its mission, helps firms select locations for their new and expanding operations.
Date May 2-4, 2003 Location Treehaven Tomahawk, WI Contact Treehaven 715-453-4106 jeverson@uwsp.
99-7 restated that the costs of going between two business locations are deductible business expenses.
The battle will come home Friday when 6,000 directors, location scouts and location promoters will attend the Locations '98 exposition at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
com) enables mobile phone users (and computer users) to find the nearest biodiesel fueling locations based on city, zip code, or GPS coordinates.
The employee has one or more regular locations away from his residence;
WLAN companies enter into agreement for Trapeze to license Newbury's patented location technology for enabling enterprise-scale mobile applications
Location Camp Manito-wish YMCA, Boulder Junction, WI
When there are two job locations, the taxpayer's principal place of business is his "tax home.
By installing standard passive RFID readers at key points of egress, MetroHealth will augment its Wi-Fi-based asset-tracking solution with high-resolution "choke-point" location data, providing nursing staff and biomedical engineers with real-time information about when equipment is being removed from designated locations.
Now a user can location 'tag' a picture on photo sharing sites like Flickr(TM), an entry in a blog via TypePad(TM) or, through Skyhook partners like Socialight and uLocate(TM) Communications, share places and locations with others.
The service center supports all core functions required to offer Wherify-enabled services and perform aided-GPS, which takes GPS performance to the next level and significantly improve the ability of our Wherifone product to locate users in buildings, vehicles or in other obstructed locations.