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Synonyms for location

Synonyms for location

one's place and direction relative to one's surroundings

a particular geographic area

the place where a person or thing is located

a particular portion of space chosen for something

Synonyms for location

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If their bags do get lost, LugTrack can provide the airline with the locational data needed to track down bags and expedite the repatriation process, saving all parties involved stress, time and money.
A locational verb or a locative noun phrase preceding a directional verb gives a source expression.
The analysis also highlights that the mere presence of MNEs does not necessarily result in the upgrading of a country's locational advantages.
Stoft breaks the treatment into six sections: power market fundamentals, reliability, price spikes and investment, market architecture, market power, and locational pricing.
DON MITCHELL's The Right to the City makes an original contribution to an expanding literature on contested access to urban public space by employing the concept of locational conflict.
With the Full Network Model revealing the congestion a day ahead of time, the Integrated Forward Market facilitating the most efficient way to manage that congestion, and Locational Marginal Pricing showing the cost of the energy and all the "shipping and handling" costs, energy buyers and sellers can make well-informed decisions about how to keep the lights on at the least cost for consumers.
and Ryder Consumer Truck Rental has been reached, broadening each company's core services, access to new customers, and opportunities for locational growth, the companies jointly announced.
Locational Marginal Price (LMP) Reporting: Day ahead, real time, and five minute wholesale electricity pricing is available at the manager's finger tips.
NYSEG is also seeking operating reserves until the New York Independent System Operator and the associated locational based marginal pricing are implemented.
Students can see and talk to their professors, ask and answer questions and interact with the professor and other students with locational convenience using EVC's proprietary interactive video conferencing distance learning network.
I can tell you that the feedback we are getting from our members leans toward a hybrid model that incorporates the strengths of the locational marginal pricing and flowgate models.
Another element, Locational Marginal Pricing, will reduce the cost of managing bottlenecks by providing transparent prices at specific locations.
Construction of the ultramodern complex, located at 55th Avenue and Cote-de-Liesse, began in March, 1999, in anticipation of rapid financial and locational growth in Quebec.
Recently, the CPUC added locational elements to the Resource Adequacy Requirements for 2007, meaning that load-serving entities must obtain generation that is deliverable to areas with limited transmission capacity.
Based on the train's location obtained from the locational information on the mobile devices of the train's passengers, this technology could quickly offer any number of users information that they would find useful, such as a list of nearby shops or restaurants that have been trending for the past several minutes.