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a street that is primarily used to gain access to the property bordering it

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Of PS215m in additional capital funding for local road maintenance, PS140m will come in 2013-14,and the remaining PS75m in 2014-15.
All of us who live in Birmingham cannot help but be appalled by the state of our local roads, particularly those that carry the high volumes of traffic.
The project in Al Barsha 1, 2 and 3, spans an area of 1,300 ha and covers the construction of local roads and lighting works stretching 115 km, construction of new 63 km-long roads, and improvements to the existing roads in a sector of a total length of 52 km.
The local roads project in Al Khawaneej 1, which is one of the most densely populated areas witnessing growing urbanisation rate as high as 65 per cent and is still on the rise, includes completing the design and construction of unpaved (main and local) roads in the remaining parts of Khawaneej 1 Residential Area, (Area No 281) as well as lighting works.
He said the project in Al Barsha 1, 2 and 3, spans 1,300 hectares and covers the construction of local roads and lighting works stretching 115km, laying of new roads on 63km, and improvements to 52km road.
Wrexham Council will use the money to deliver road safety projects such as 20mph zones, local road safety co-ordinators and educational initiatives.
Aimed at financing the rehabilitation and upgrading of about300 km of Local Roads.
COMMUNITIES up and down the country are set to benefit from a slice of Government funding which will tackle pinch-points that clog up traffic flow on local roads.
These collisions included any incident reported to police involving any vehicle on a local road.
But people from the South East are the least happy with local road maintenance, with only 10% rating it as good, though London is an exception where 18% rated their council as good.
We encourage these where appropriate on local roads and, since 2000, around pounds 50m has been provided to local authorities via the local road grant to assist in the implementation of 20mph limits and other road safety measures," he said.
Each year, counties and cities identify more than $100 million in local road improvement needs.
SANTA CLARITA - The Senate filibuster showdown has been a wild card in the passage of the federal highway bill, with some $7 million at stake for local road projects including the city's much-touted Cross Valley Connector.
Property is located approximately 350 km north east of Thunder Bay, Ontario and is accessible via a local road network.
MUCH of the local road network could become unusable should there be more flooding or another severe winter, highways bosses are warning.