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a local branch where postal services are available"

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A survey of 800 rural residents also showed that one in five believed they would lose contact with neighbours of friends if their local post office closed.
I know they are advising people to use their local post office and whilst I support the Post Office, it's a shame we are losing banks.
They took the closure of the post office by the scruff of the neck and decided to put an action plan together and on Monday, October 27, we finally see the opening of a local post office in Martin McColls.
She said: "Despite repeated calls from Labour MPs and the National Federation of Sub-postmasters, the Government is refusing to guarantee Royal Mail business to local Post Offices.
This will inevitably take away much needed business from local post offices, leaving many at risk of closure especially in rural areas.
THE Birmingham Mail was very support l -ive when Gordon Brown arrogantly refused to consult on the closure of our local Post Offices.
Its former customers, me included, like many other former post office customers who have had their post office axed, must feel equally sad at not having their local post office to support.
But the true value of local post office staff who know their customers well has been highlighted in Huddersfield.
Help the Aged said older people are a primary customer base for the post office, with thousands collecting their pensions direct from their local post office each week.
When Denise Christopher launched CKB Enterprises in 1998, she relied on the local post office to deliver her ethnic haircare and beauty supply products to customers across the country.
I showed it to everyone at my local post office, and they were very impressed.
If a local Post Office has sold out of these stamps and hasn't had a chance to reorder, customers can easily and quickly order the Black Heritage series stamps online at The Postal Store (www.
Those with less computer-literate friends and relatives have to hope that their local post office knows how to go through the notification process.
Residents of Kilflynn held a protest outside the local post office after being told local man Thomas Foley was not getting the job, which went to a man from Tralee.
The program is focused on providing the Postal Service's customers with faster service and better information when visiting their local Post Office, as well as providing detailed data for the USPS to enable it to better manage its business.