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a local branch where postal services are available"

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They took the closure of the post office by the scruff of the neck and decided to put an action plan together and on Monday, October 27, we finally see the opening of a local post office in Martin McColls.
Once a user has located a local post office, they have instant access to comprehensive information about the location.
In the mean time, locals in Barmouth are fighting to keep their local Post Office opwn after fears of a reduction in banking and parcel services
She said: "Despite repeated calls from Labour MPs and the National Federation of Sub-postmasters, the Government is refusing to guarantee Royal Mail business to local Post Offices.
This will inevitably take away much needed business from local post offices, leaving many at risk of closure especially in rural areas.
If my local post office were to close, I would have an hour's round trip (excluding waiting time in the queue) to pay my rent and council tax.
Dust offmy Zimmer, father Keep your crutches close to hand They are closing our local post office So we'll have to go to the New Strand.
In the FSB's recent Small Businesses and the UK Postal Market survey, 20% of respondents use the post office every day and 47% use their local post office more than once a week.
The contract means customers can continue to save and invest with NS&I via their local Post Office branch where they can also pick up information on any of NS&I's services.
We have teamed up with Help the Aged in Wales to urge older people in North Wales to campaign for their local post office.
Local post office closures are unwelcome, but if we are to keep post offices open it is essential that we get more people to use them.
This is what your local post office needs, it's called local support from its local residents.
Chamber members have also been working with the redevelopment agency to re-paint the local post office, located on Reseda Boulevard between Wyandotte and Valerio streets.
THE other day my daughter-in-law went to renew her road tax at the local post office and took her two-week-old daughter with her in the pram.
If you hate waiting on long lines at your local post office, then Stamps.