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the government of a local area

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BLOSSOM is national industry director for state and local government at KPMG LLP and chairman of the AICPA task force that developed the audit and accounting guide Audits of State and Local Governments (GASB 34 Edition).
Historic property tax relief programs range from statewide programs to benefits that are only offered if the relevant local government decides to grant them.
This means that very few cases against state or local government employers for discrimination based on disability under federal law will ever be brought to court.
The president PTI, Lahore chapter Chaudhry Ajaz submitted a petition in Lahore high court calling for the annulment of the act so as to maintain transparency in the local government polls.
Under this bill, it has been proposed that a local government shall consist of Union Councils and Metropolitan Corporation and if there are more than one members in any category of seats in local government, the election shall be held on basis of proportional representation.
Given the current overall economic difficulties that Japan is now experiencing, strengthening the finances of local government will be a difficult job.
local government to a private status would reflect the fact that much of what local governments do is business-like.
But local governments do the same thing, often on a grander scale.
A cooperative is a collaborative organization that provides records and information services to two or more taxing entities of local government.
where he oversees a practice that specializes in providing auditing, accounting and consulting services to state and local governments.
In per-capita terms, California's property tax was more than 50-percent higher than the national average, and the property tax had come to account for more than 40 percent of total state and local government revenue.
The additional cost to businesses and the local government entities varies based on their participation level.
The money is a major source of local government budgets, funding in some cases a third or more of city and county operations.
The approach is based on a format developed by the AICPA state and local government accounting committee and published by the AICPA in 1981 as Accounting and Financial Reporting by State and Local Governments--An Experiment.
BellSouth/AT&T is expected to request a shortcut in the law so that it can gain single approval through the state rather than work with each local government entity.
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