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the property of having lobules

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6-4 20 Grade Name Pathological Features Subtypes I Benign Well circumscribed -- II Atypical Three of five Choroids or clear cell Loss of lobularity Small cells Prominent nucleoli Increased cellularity Necrosis III Anaplastic Anaplasia and Rhabdoid or papillary Brain invasion TABLE 2.
As the gland enlarges, it can develop lobularity and foci of echogenicity.
Glomerulonephritis was observed in both NaCl + GVHD and iHg + GVHD mice as evidenced by glomerular enlargement, increased glomerular lobularity, mesangial hypercellularity, and membrane thickening, compared with control [F.
The tumor grew in monomorphic nests and sheets that were infiltrated by neutrophils and macrophages; the fragmented and necrotic nature of the biopsy made it difficult to assess for the presence or absence of lobularity.
All scattergrams including lobularity of 90 degrees and complexity of 10 degrees that showed the separation of polymorphonuclear cells from mononuclear cells were scrutinized carefully.
64,68) In some cases, distinct accentuation of glomerular lobularity creating an appearance reminiscent of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis is present, whereas in others, proliferative activity is not pronounced (Figure 27, A).
It retains its vague lobularity and frequently shows conchoid calcifications (corpora arenacea) but is compressed and often loses some of its normal lobular architecture (Figure 9, B).