lobster thermidor

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diced lobster mixed with Mornay sauce placed back in the shell and sprinkled with grated cheese and browned

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We recommend: Shrimp and avocado cocktail, lobster thermidor, harra beirutiyeh, sea bream
According to Chef Ilango a 'must try' is the a la minute baked Lobster Thermidor.
Hinting the menu item has been considered because of alleged requests from clients, Balesin's chief executive officer Mike Asperin said, "If the guest or member chooses to have the Club serve the aACAyyaya' tenderloin steak and lobster thermidor, we will gladly serve it to the yaya.
The resort clarified: "[I]f the guest or member chooses to have the Club serve the yaya tenderloin steak and lobster thermidor, we will gladly serve it - we do not serve this meal if there is no instruction at all from the guest for a yaya meal to be served to a yaya.
For mains, I was torn between the turbot and the lobster thermidor, but plumped for the latter, based on our friendly waiter's recommendation, and I was glad I did - it was cooked to perfection, with a mustard sauce and roasted cauliflowers complementing the sweet flesh of the crustacean.
We're in for a treat, feasting on a starter of spider crab three ways, followed by lobster thermidor.
He prepared lobster thermidor during Heath's luncheon.
Henry Blake: "The lobster thermidor, champagne and caviar were late.
The outbreak is the second so far this year aboard a cruise ship,'' the story notes, adding that it's being investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an organization you never want to see anywhere near your lobster thermidor.
At the Food & Drink Show NI, Simon will cook Lobster Thermidor, a stalwart dish at Deanes.
All it needed was a restaurant that could competently produce, like Kolkata's old Park Street haunts, those epicurean classics ( from Lobster Thermidor to Crepes Suzette) that are going out of fashion simply because there are not enough people left who can make them.
Their delectable three-course menu has a range of choices including honey-seared pigeon breast to start, fresh Lobster Thermidor main and mince pie & brandy Eton Mess to finish.
The fully encapsulated cabins, where you can dine on lobster thermidor and rack of lamb, feature beds accented with hand-stitched Italian leather, trimmed in burrwood and topped with a plush mattress and Givenchy bedding.
Don't get me wrong, Dubai's financially fine if you're on an editor's salary and can afford to gobble lobster thermidor with a side dollop of caviar for lunch every day (you should see them, it's sickening) but for poor wee grunt reporters like me, it's Dhs13 chicken biryanis and Dhs2 veggie samosas.