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trap for catching lobsters

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Now usually sharp city councillor Nick Small has formed an ill-advised pincer movement with the posh emporium opposing Lobster Pot, which has had to put up with disruptive building work for two years.
A LUCKY whale was definitely the one that got away after a lifeboat crew cut it free when it became tangled up in lobster pots.
Farmer Steve Ford hit upon the idea of mixing business with pleasure by using the Lobster Pot for courses after talking to Kate and the pub landlord.
The Lobster Pot has been forced to apply for a permit after putting tables, chairs and bins outside its Whitechapel branch without council permission.
It is understood that the store's management has been in touch with the company's head office in Los Angeles and the firm's lawyers are now briefed up on the situation, which includes a bid by the Lobster Pot to put seating in the alleyway between the two buildings.
We think the rope had come from a lobster pot which had become lodged in the propeller.
Bit like a lobster pot - easy entry, difficult exit.
The idea was inspired by the story of Rosemary Hill in Waterville, Co Kerry, who discovered a Lobster Pot tag while beachcombing.
October: Winched a 20-year-old fisherman from the Sarah H boat after he suffered a head injury when he was hit with a lobster pot, eight miles out to sea.
A pleasure boat which had its propeller entangled in lobster pot lines had to be freed by a lifeboat crew.
Anyone who is interested can also go out in the boat or try their hand at mending a net or lobster pot.
year - even Black, Bootle Several hours later, we headed for the bus home stopping at the Lobster Pot for some chips.
A FISHERMAN was airlifted to hospital last night after being knocked unconscious by a lobster pot.
Lobster pot men tell me that when they are lifting the pots there are lots of small codling in them, so it seems there are plenty of fish there but mainly undersized.
Just as there were numerous sightings of Henry from Lime Street to the Lobster Pot prior to him joining Barcelona three years ago, rumours were rife this week that Cole was camped out at Melwood.