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Tweedens kan gesien word dat Brink se werke soos Lobola vir die lewe en Die ambassaeur sterk op die lys figureer, en wanneer al die werke aan hul skrywers geskakel word, domineer Brink duidelik die netwerk (5 tekste).
Feeling betrayed not only by her community but also by her own parents, whose concern is for the 13 head of cattle and the horse that they will receive as lobola for her, Nokulunga fiercely resists her young husband-to-be, Xolani, when he tries to take her by force.
High levels of poverty and unemployment in South Africa mean that some men cannot afford to pay inhlawulo (damages for impregnating a girl) or lobola (Richter et al.
The lobola is paid by the husband's family to the family of his soon-to-be wife, usually negotiated by the aunts and uncles on either side.
That cattle still have significant symbolic currency in the modern state of 21st century South Africa is attested to by Nelson Mandela having paid lobola (loosely translated as pride price and valued as a number of head of cattle) for his bride, Graca Machel, widow of Samora Machel the ex-president of Mozambique.
They also may prefer not to acknowledge paternity, if they are unable to afford to pay inhlawulo (damages for impregnating a girl) or lobola (bride wealth) (Hunter, 2006).
According to David Smith, Evelyn went to see her lawyer and said though she would not oppose the divorce, by traditional law Mandela did not have a right to the children because he had not paid lobola (or dowry) when he married her in 1944.
Land and livestock remain vital to this patrilineal society, to their sense of self and for survival; however, few nowadays can afford to keep cattle, which still symbolise the wealth of a family and are used for lobola, the custom by which a dowry is paid by the bridegroom's family for a wife.
10) For Holleman the significant difference between Shona and British marriage will be local conceptions of lobola, which will form the basis of a majority of his discussion of all local legal customs.
They often still provide lobola (bride wealth), are slaughtered to celebrate passages of life and are sacrificed to appease ancestors.
Examples of works in which this occurs are Mpe's Welcome to Our Hillbrow, Nape a Motana's Fanie Fourie's Lobola (2007) and Siphiwo Mahala's When a Man Cries (2007), as well of course as The Cry of Winnie Mandela.
Practices such as lobola (bride-price) and strict biblical interpretation contribute to women's cultural vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.
Given the absence of lobola, Chief Holomisa doubted the legitimacy of such a union.
I thought he was going to be the most difficult person to convince, because African parents like their lobola (bride price)--you know, "my daughter is now about to get married, once she finishes her Ninth Grade and trains as a nurse or a policewoman and so on.