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In the manner of Mexican lobelia, African bulbine spreads by rhizomes in semi-dry garden spots.
YOU cannot contemplate a hanging basket without lobelia.
In Idaho, Betty Call grows giant begonias, spike plants, and blue trailing lobelia in boxes that can be moved around her yard for the shade that keeps them beautiful.
Plant three roses in the midsize bowl as described in step 2, setting lobelia plants between them.
Instead of restricting myself to a few clumps of lobelia, I can multiply what I've got and have masses of plants.
Lobelia flowers LOVING LOBELIAS PERENNIAL lobelias are exciting plants.
Lobelia flowers in some of the most outrageous colours in the garden.
3 For those who prefer to stay indoors, you can get a head start on your summer bedding by sowing seeds of begonia, salvia, lobelia and pelargonium if you have a heated propagator.
No summer planting scheme would be the same without the trusty lobelia - and Super Star earned the accolade of best lobelia.
Sow under glass slow maturing bedding plants such as African marigolds, petunias and lobelia.
Alyssum is also planted in repeating patterns, where it alternates with mounding dark or light blue lobelia (Lobelia erinus) or both.