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having deeply indented margins but with lobes not entirely separate from each other


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similis collected from Cyanocorax chrysops as new species in Brazil by Freitas, 1951 differs in having smaller body size, smaller, sub-terminal oral sucker, presence of esophagus, lobed ovary and round to rectangular shape testes overlapping intestinal ceaca, vitellarial bands commencing at testicular region or may pre-testicular and have smaller size of eggs.
The lobed cam drives most of the interlinked teeth into the ring gear at once.
We recently sold a white shell pickle stand, early 1750s, the upper bowl on an encrusted column with three lobed shell-shaped bowls below, riveting and old repairs, for PS820.
One way to achieve this is through geometry passive control of the lobed diffusers in order increase air diffusion in vehicles and buildings [5-8].
The leaf edges may be smooth, saw-toothed or lobed.
Mounds of deeply lobed foliage are covered with bright magenta flowers from late spring to early summer.
The sofa, described as having a "serpentine cushioned back over liar arms, sprung seat, plain frieze panel and lobed bracket feet", was estimated to sell for pounds 150 to pounds 250.
Another oak table in Elizabethan style with a cleated three-plank top above a gouge-carved frieze and standing on six turned, lobed and square supports, 7ft 6ins long, sold for pounds 1,800.
The plant's leaves are deeply cut and palmately lobed, referring to the leaf's shape resembling a person's hand with the fingers spread out.
Its other nickname, "old four legs," refers to the coelacanth's paired, lobed fins that move in an alternating gait similar to a human swinging its arms while walking-- distinctly unlike the swimming motion of other fishes.
The leaves are 12--25 centimeters long and 10--18 centimeters across, and deeply lobed with three or five lobes.
A subspecies, known as fernleaf ironwood (asplenifolius), has attractively lobed foliage as well.
There are a number of named varieties with fiery autumn foliage and decorative lobed fruits, and some of the best drought-resistant varieties are available as beefy two-year-old plants from Junkers Nursery for just pounds 18.
Features include lobed heads to reduce friction and maximize penetration speed, a heat treated alloy steel barrel for exceptional hardness and wear resistance, and a nitrated steel piston with built-in lubrication to minimize wear and resistance.