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having deeply indented margins but with lobes not entirely separate from each other


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Large plant 6 to 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide with 2- to 4-foot-wide, deeply lobed leaves.
Numerical and experimental results are compared to assess the capability and limits of the turbulence model SST k[omega] to provide near field orifice lobed jet characteristics at moderate Reynolds number.
Another oak table in Elizabethan style with a cleated three-plank top above a gouge-carved frieze and standing on six turned, lobed and square supports, 7ft 6ins long, sold for pounds 1,800.
If you want vivid green leaves, go for H 'Green ivory', which forms bright green, lobed and rounded foliage that can make an effective edging plant.
With its large, dark green, lobed, evergreen leaves and bold umbels of flowers and seed heads in winter this plant will certainly turn a few heads if given a prominent position in the garden and can fill a two-metre x two-metre (6ft x 6ft) space easily.
Your container's compartments are shaped like lobed betel leaves, suggesting this may have been the likely use for it.
There's the medium-size, richly flavored Black Krim from the Russian Black Sea area, the meaty, glowing orange Sweet Persimmon and the lobed, deep-red Italian Costoluto.
All McLaughlin piercing tools feature lobed heads to reduce friction and maximize penetration speed, a heat treated alloy steel barrel for exceptional hardness and wear resistance, and a nitrated steel piston with built-in lubrication to minimize wear and resistance.
Deeply lobed, glossy dark green leaves; fragrant white flowers in spring followed by dark red fruit.
The plain leaves of this species form the perfect base for the virginal blooms, whereas trillium sessile is a more peculiar affair of rich purple flowers nestling in a collar of three lobed leaves spotted with cream, bronze and white.
The vein pattern runs from the petiole edge (the stem which holds the leaf) in parallel lines to the lobed end.
Tenders are invited for Lot 1 - Continued intended service life of over 32 years of helicopter Mi-9 Lot 2 - Continued intended life of over 14 years lobed rotor helicopters Mi-8 type
Martyn lobed Glenavon ahead on 20 minutes before Andy McGrory rifled his seventh goal of the season ten minutes from time.
Lobed diffusers widely used in aeronautic or aerospace applications represent an attractive method for HVAC in buildings.