lobe-finned fish

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The bichir is considered the closest living relative to the lobe-finned fish and ray-finned fish so studies on it may provide information on the evolution of the sea creatures to land animals.
Some 400 million years ago, the first lobe-finned fish crept out of the sea and stayed out.
The coelacanth is critical to study because it is one of only two living lobe-finned fish groups that represent deep and evolutionarily informative lineages with respect to the land vertebrates.
To get a closer look at one of the last living species of lobe-finned fish, the research team plopped African lungfish of the species Protopterus annectans one at a time into a tank with a plastic mesh bottom and trained several cameras on them.
You might uncover not only a butterfly on a lepidopterist, but an extinct lobe-finned fish or the name of a lover spelled in DNA letters.
Laccognathus embryi is a lobe-finned fish whose closest living relative is the lungfish.
379), believed to represent the transition from lobe-finned fish to fully land-adapted creatures.
Members of one species considered to be an important part of the water-to-land transition, a lobe-finned fish called Panderichthys, lived in what are now Latvia and Scotland about 385 million years ago.