lobe of the lung

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any of the three lobes of the right lung or the two lobes of the left lung

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This may allow doctors to use bronchoscopes with smaller therapeutic channels and may allow easier access to NSCLC tumors located in the right upper lobe of the lung as well as other potentially challenging anatomic areas of the airways in the lungs.
The chest radiograph showed a new pulmonary nodule in the right lower lobe of the lung near the diaphragm.
In a letter to vicars and church workers, he said: "I recently had a routine medical which indicated a well-contained tumour in the upper right lobe of the lung.
The left lower lobe of the lung showed moderate granulomatous inflammation, multiple granulomas with focal caseation and necrosis, and mild interstitial chronic inflammation and immature fibrosis.
One of the most common conditions treated at the center is congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM), a multi-cystic mass of pulmonary tissue with proliferation to the bronchial structures that is usually restricted to one lobe of the lung.
Fuller and Mahtabifard perform a minimally invasive lobectomy, a procedure to remove the lobe of the lung containing the tumor.
The excised portion of right lower lobe of the lung was cut fresh, fixed in 10% buffered formalin, and representative blocks were processed routinely.
The therapy is also proving to be an important new alternative for lung cancer patients who do not have the lung capacity to undergo the typical surgical procedure to remove a cancerous lobe of the lung (lobectomy).
Unlike a typical lobectomy, which requires the patient's chest to be cut open through an incision between the ribs, the robotic procedure, performed at Akron City Hospital, allows for the removal of an entire lobe of the lung through four small incisions in the chest.
Biopsies of the right lower lobe of the lung and right kidney were performed in 1994.
The patient did not have the lung capacity to undergo a surgical procedure to remove the cancerous lobe of the lung (lobectomy).
This routine is repeated multiple times, until all the accessible airways from one lobe of the lung have been treated, a process that takes about 30 to 45 minutes.