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someone who is employed to persuade legislators to vote for legislation that favors the lobbyist's employer

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It's different than coming off of Feingold's staff," says Pat Griffin, a prominent Democratic lobbyist and consultant, referring to the liberal Wisconsin senator.
The article pointed out that some "are hesitant to explain fully their connections with the lobbyist.
For example, suppose a pharmaceutical association is suddenly faced with a tax on prescription drugs to pay for road improvements, but its veteran in-house lobbyist has just retired.
When you check the lobbyist registration list, check the lobbyist's clientele for names your association may not want to be associated with.
While CEOs can go to Washington and spend time and money trying to solve a problem, veteran lobbyist Jim Albertine observes that in the long run "it is much better to make it part of your corporate culture.
House of Representatives early and went home to Washington to ensure the ballot measure's defeat, with the help of selected lobbyist buddies and dollars.
That's an unfair position to put the governor in," said Deirdre Delisi, who served as Perry's chief of staff before becoming a lobbyist.
Not all lawmakers benefited from the flow of lobbyist money, with some reporting no donations.
Still, unethical lobbyists look for loopholes and ways to skirt laws, says Keeneland Association's Judy Taylor, the first professional female lobbyist in Kentucky.
Or as one lobbyist put it at the time, "How can a senator know about a great question unless he keeps himself informed by those who have devoted their lifetime to it and have a lifelong interest in it?
A leading Welsh Assembly lobbyist, on holiday in West Wales, told me five years ago that he spent a great deal of time (and money?
Lobbyists for unions opposed taxes on gold-plated health insurance plans; lobbyists for doctors opposed cuts in Medicare reimbursements; a lobbyist for Dunkin Donuts opposed a soda tax to pay for health care reform; and a Cigar Association lobbyist fought a tobacco tax.
The business of being a lobbyist is very rewarding.
to put the message together, to deliver it in a focused, consistent way every chance they get," says former Minnesota Congressman, Gerry Sikorski, JD, now a Washington lobbyist with Holland & Knight, a top lobby law firm on K Street, the lobbyists' main boulevard.
For an example of how lobbyists might work, consider Patrick McCallum, a contract lobbyist for 12 California community cortege districts, a private cortege, and other organizations.