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someone who is employed to persuade legislators to vote for legislation that favors the lobbyist's employer

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There were 11,143 registered lobbyists in 2016, according to the (https://www.
De Caprios leadership experience with regulatory organizations made her the ideal candidate and will be of great benefit to her in this role," said Councillor Norm Kelly (Ward 40 Scarborough-Agincourt), Chair of the Lobbyist Registrar Selection Panel.
House of Representatives early and went home to Washington to ensure the ballot measure's defeat, with the help of selected lobbyist buddies and dollars.
That's an unfair position to put the governor in," said Deirdre Delisi, who served as Perry's chief of staff before becoming a lobbyist.
Not all lawmakers benefited from the flow of lobbyist money, with some reporting no donations.
As a lobbyist, the only thing you have to sell is your credibility," says Peg Ackerman of Ackerman Information, a Colorado lobbying firm.
In 1928 the Senate passed a bill requiring all lobbyists to register, but it died in the House, and one senator, Hiram Bingham of Connecticut, was censured for putting a lobbyist on his payroll.
For CEO, the OLAF report should be released and there should be mandatory rules of ethics for lobbyists.
The lobbyists represent powerful business interests with plenty of cash to spare in getting favourable decisions on policy.
Written communication from a registered lobbyist must be publicly posted by the receiving agency or governmental entity on its recovery website within three business days of receipt.
WHEN ONE-SIXTH of the American economy is up for grabs, don't be surprised if corporations and professional organizations scramble to hire as many lobbyists as they can afford.
AP) -- Lobbyists have been representing Jefferson State and Central Alabama community colleges in the state Legislature, which is a violation of a systemwide ban on the practice, officials said.
On July 2, 2008, the changes became law and every registered lobbyist was, in effect, required to review their registration and update it.
The case was brought by lobbyist Fred Vannatta after the 2007 Legislature tightened Oregon's ethics laws by prohibiting office-holders, candidates and their families from taking gifts worth more than $50.
Lobbyist Registration and public disclosure requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in Canada and may seem like a relatively recent phenomenon, but in fact have a "history" extending back over many years.