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For this reason, many studies of PR in Scandinavia tend to focus on either PR in relationship to the news media (Larsson 2009, Kristensen 2004, 2009, Wedel 2016) or to focus on PR in relationship to lobbyism, politics and democracy (Allern 2011, 2015; Ihlen & Gullberg 2015, Larsson 2005a, Palm & Sandstrom 2014, Svallfors 2016), while a third line of studies focuses more exclusively on the development of PR as concept, industry or practice (Larson 2005b; Tyllstrom 2013, Falkheimer & Heide 2014).
As the collective action of associations leading to informality and lobbyism used to dominate studies on intermediate agents for a long time (e.
Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said: "With all the lobbyism against the Commission proposal, I feared that member states' experts would have rejected the proposal in today's experts committee.
However, he claims that there would be an essential difference between normal and trade union lobbyism.
Moreover, UEFA's relationship with the EU institutions is to a high degree characterised by lobbyism, which is illustrated by its strategy to promote new rules regarding locally trained players (Garcia 2007b).
Mudambi and Navarra (2004a, b) are amongst the few who discuss the important role of subsidiary bargaining power, related to their knowledge assets (2004a) and add (2004b) that low performing subsidiaries depend to a higher degree on lobbyism than well performing subsidiaries.
SJC members hit back at Kostova and Zaharova, with accusations ranging from lobbyism to dodging responsibility and desertion.
Increasing transaction costs of corruption and lobbyism does not adversely impact on welfare.
MAIL TODAY has been trying to highlight the lobbyism that was fuelling the campaign to introduce Bt brinjal in India.
Later chapters discuss the system of federalism, civil liberties, media influence on politics, interest groups and money in politics, the US congress and its relationship to lobbyism, the presidency, the federal court system, American economic policy, and the public's role in American politics.