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the practice of lobbying

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MAIL TODAY has been trying to highlight the lobbyism that was fuelling the campaign to introduce Bt brinjal in India.
Later chapters discuss the system of federalism, civil liberties, media influence on politics, interest groups and money in politics, the US congress and its relationship to lobbyism, the presidency, the federal court system, American economic policy, and the public's role in American politics.
Additionally UEFA governs soccer in Europe, developing programs, law, lobbyism etc.
Cet organisme entend etre << la >> voix des geosciences au Canada en concentrant ses efforts en trois directions, soit : la defragrnentation du secteur sciences de la Terre, la sensibilisation (niveau fin secondaire et grand public), le lobbyism (influence aupres des instances decisionnelles).
Moreover, he stresses he will insist on another considering by the Verkhovna Rada of the Government s position concerning taxation of big business: I want to reconsider certain taxation rates, as several of the rates are artificially high, at this, certain, on the contrary, haven t been enacted as there is lobbyism in the Parliament that trenches on corruption .