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expenses incurred in promoting or evaluating legislation

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The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 mandates disclosure to the Secretary of the Senate's Office of Public Records (SOPR) of lobbying expenses incurred by all special interest groups.
Troubled high-profile projects such as Related Companies' Moynihan Station and Solow Development's East River site were among the city's developments with the highest lobbying expenses in 2008, a review of city records by The Real Deal shows.
Thus, if 80 percent or more of an employee's time is spent on lobbying, then all of that employee's salary, his or her support staff, and related expenses would be included in nondeductible lobbying expenses.
Unless care is taken in drafting the rules, the cost of developing and maintaining records associated with the lobbying expense disallowance--costs that themselves will generally be deductible--may very well exceed the $653 million in tax revenues estimated to be raised by the provisions.
At the same time, Congress gave associations two choices: Either their members' dues would not be deductible to the extent of the associations' lobbying expenses or the associations could pay a 35 percent tax on their lobbying expenses.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- MCI (Nasdaq-NNM: MCIC) today asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to order the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) to return millions of dollars in lobbying expenses that were unlawfully billed to ratepayers.
There are no advantages or disadvantages to taxable organizations on the lobbying expense deduction.
The nondeductible portion of those dues (the portion that is allocable to 1994 lobbying) must either be rolled over and included in the following year's lobbying expense total, or the proxy tax must be paid on that amount.
This new law on lobbying expense nondeductibility forced associations to make decisions and estimates of lobbying expenditures even before the law officially became effective Jan.
The company initially recorded the payments as public relations and lobbying expenses to unrelated third parties without evidence that such services were actually performed.
Spanning more than 12 years, the scheme saw assets from the plans' trusts, used for real estate purchases in South Carolina and the Caribbean island of Nevis, to pay outside attorneys, lobbying expenses, operational expenses of Penn-Mont Benefit Services, Inc.
Political scientists believe actual lobbying expenses are three times the amount disclosed on official forms
Northrop increased its lobbying spending more than its defense manufacturer peers last year, which saw mostly flat lobbying expenses overall.
Donations made to political campaigns and lobbying expenses are required to be disclosed under present laws, although details of contributions to think tanks are not mandatory.
While some industries, like fossil fuels and pharmaceuticals, have been shown to earn a good return on lobbying expenses, insurers do not.