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Synonyms for lobate

having or resembling a lobe or lobes


having deeply indented margins but with lobes not entirely separate from each other


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The researchers also cited the existence of lobate flow deposits on the Martian dichotomy boundary, which separates the planet's southern highlands from the northern plains, as evidence for a tsunami that pushed waves of water toward an ancient shoreline in the southern hemisphere.
In lobate ctenophores like Mnemiopsis, the body is flattened in the tentacular plane and expanded along the sagittal plane (Fig.
MESSENGER also has confirmed that the tectonic history of Mercury since the late heavy bombardment is dominated by contraction, and the most broadly distributed contractional tectonic landforms are lobate scarps, which are the surface manifestation of thrust faults.
stemetil 1ml , abbott , lobate gm oint , abbott , duvadilan 2ml inj.
Mortality of the lobate lac scale Paratachardina pseudolobata (Hemiptera: Kerridae) at near or below freezing temperatures.
Nutrient agar colonies were irregular, lobate, and creamy yellow in colour (Table 1).
Irregular (rhomboidal) sclerophilous leaves, lobate (acute lobes), with intercalary veins and very short petiole (almost null).
Morphological characteristics of isolated bacteria Lab Name Configuration Margin Elevation Color Isolate 1 Round Smooth convex bluish Cream Isolate 2 Irregular Lobate umbonate yellowish Isolate 3 Round Smooth drop like yellowish Isolate 4 Round Smooth flat creamy white Isolate 5 Punchi form Smooth convex yellow Isolate 6 Round Smooth raised orangish Isolate 7 Round Smooth convex white Isolate 8 Round Smooth drop like yellow glossy Isolate 9 Spindle Smooth flat thick white Lab Name Size in mm Isolate 1 3 mm Isolate 2 2-3 mm Isolate 3 1 mm Isolate 4 2 mm Isolate 5 Pinpoint Isolate 6 1 -2 mm Isolate 7 1 mm Isolate 8 1 mm Isolate 9 2 mm
The semi-, inter-, and sub-forms are found also for lobate forms (Faegri and Iversen, 1964; Kremp, 1965; Hesse et al.
is characterised by a porous texture, patterning of sclerenchymatous tissue and lobate epidermal cells of the inner endocarp.
52) In 2010, the NASA LRO team announced newly discovered tectonic lobate scarps, suggesting these were evidence of geologically recent activity that might still be active today, and in early 2012 small scale tectonic graben have been found which may be in a state of present day formation.
The Pishin/Mach shear zone defines a transition in geological structure from the partitioned thrust/wrench fault system of the Northern Kirthar ranges to its south, to the Sulaiman lobate thin-skinned tectonics in the Quetta transverse zone to its north.