lobar pneumonia

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pneumonia affecting one or more lobes of the lung

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While the phlebotomist was preparing to do blood cultures, the phone rang and my presence was requested in my doctors' office to view an early case of lobar pneumonia sent straight to his computer from radiology.
These studies have revealed that pneumococci cause a spectrum of LRTI that includes lobar pneumonia and empyema, 'viral' pneumonia and possibly some proportion of bronchitis/bronchiolitis (19).
Interestingly, lobar pneumonia could not be induced via the bloodstream alone, even when plugging gels of sterile culture media were instilled into the bronchi.
Announcing the verdict Mr Pritchard Jones said: "It was the lobar pneumonia on its own that killed him and Nytol really had nothing to do with it.
In lobar pneumonia, a complete lobe of a lung is infected.
In summary, this case occurred in a 19-year-old man with a cirrhotic liver of uncertain origin, who subsequently developed malakoplakia of the liver following sepsis that resulted from Klebsiella lobar pneumonia.
He told her that he was very sorry, but Mrs Melia had been a very poorly lady and had died of lobar pneumonia aggravated by emphysema.