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5) In Gower's narrative the loathly lady story is about a woman who was magically transformed into an ugly shape, but who can be restored to her former state by some specific action.
But one might acknowledge that truth, so we were taught, without rushing to embrace its loathly absolute, the pernicious doctrine that only selfhood matters and that works of literature, like all other externals, are grist to the egoistic mill.
What notice is given the work is either manuscript oriented or corollary to broader topics; it is treated in conjunction with other works of the loathly lady genre, or investigated as one of Malory's possible sources.
Sir Gromer has no male predecessor in the loathly lady corpus, or even in the Celtic folklore that Sigmund Eisner argues provides the source for this genre.
Lucan's cannibalistic night-witch Erichto ("Terribilis Stygio") - "haggard and loathly with age .
He is optimistic that it will be made, as he believes there is a ready-made audience, though he doubts that the provisional title, The Loathly Worm of Lombton, will survive.
There were of course in the era of Empire two Colombos, that of the expatriate imperial ruling class, `of lovely homes and gardens'--the Galle Face Hotel, the Cinnamon Gardens, Mt Lavinia--and that of the `natives'; `that of the cool, airy bungalows where one does live, and the loathly hovels where one doesn't live'.
As for the daughter, she has lived under spells for seven years, her lineage is from under the ocean, and it was by Diarmaid's observation of the laws of hospitality that she was rescued from her loathly form.
Whatever debt he had owed her by betraying his oath not to remind her thrice of her loathly prior form has clearly been expiated by saving her life.
The loathly lady, entering Arthur's court on a mule, is so hideously deformed, that the narrative is at this point powerfully contrasted with Perceval's earlier musing over the three blood drops on the snow, reminding him of the beautiful Blancheflor of Biaurepaire, and with the elegance of addressing the Laughing Maiden.
Even though, immediately after the loathly lady departs, he swears to uncover the true meaning of the Grail and the bleeding lance, and that "ja nel laira por nule paine" (Le conte du Graal: 4740), "he would not abandon his quest for any hardship" (Kibler 1991: 439), Perceval is locked in the thrall of the ugly lady's prophecy.
Perceval, too self-absorbed to question, in spite of the indication of the need to do this given him by his cousin and the Loathly Damsel, is confronted by a violence which he struggles to master.
Instead, this fire-breathing monster is a symbol of human greed, a loathly worm guarding treasure it cannot enjoy, kidnapping maidens and wreaking havoc on the land (Gordon 200).
function together as a Loathly Lady after the ilk of Dame Ragnelle,
Each presents variations on the theme of the Loathly Lady.