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Synonyms for loather

one who hates or loathes


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The Yorkshire outfit have never been the most popular of clubs but even the most vindictive Leeds loather couldn't chuckle at the dross that is being served up at Elland Road nowadays.
Presentation: The humble sprout may be the nation's least favourite vegetable, but whether you are a lover or loather of the real thing, these novelty Christmas crackers promise to raise a smile for all ages and get everyone in the party mood.
Millers notched up a 4-0 win over Orrell Park with goals from R Curran, L Loather,C Williams and J Roberts.
Again, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to every Lavin loather in the city.
Not unlike the kind of Versace dress that Liz Hurley - an avowed loather of cantilevered underwear - usually sports.
Brave, kind, spontaneous, irreverent, a loather of bullies and authority, and an incredibly-gifted comic.
But with that said, liberals, secularists, Christians and all other Brotherhood loathers should not cheer the army too zestfully while cracking down on the Brotherhood.
For lovers, this means sussing out the spots with the best screens and the best atmospheres; for loathers, it's all about minimizing the pain.
that the world will never be without haters, spiteful, mad people and loathers of others.
Well, apparently there is a gray area between coaster lovers and loathers.
It is surely notable--although in itself it fails to prove anything--that the most cordial loathers of the Clinton-Blair mindset are overwhelmingly in their twenties and thirties.
AS usual the Stereophonics new single is splitting the nation in two, as fans and loathers fought via text on our Radio 1 show last week and opinions were passionately diverse.