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Synonyms for loathe



Synonyms for loathe

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for loathe

find repugnant

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By all means loathe Chinese aggression, expansionism, imperialism.
Summary: Artist David Hockney has said he loathes the Labour Government for introducing the smoking ban.
Loathe him or hate him, you have to admire Fergie's longevity.
They are still refusing to talk to people they loathe.
LOVE him or loathe him, Michael O'Leary certainly adds colour to any debate.
Whether you loathe it or adore it, the genre of science fiction has one superlative quality that redeems decades of sometimes-awful writing: it stretches the reader's mind.
I hope you don't loathe the people as much as you do the name.
Rats: you have to loathe them if you're a city dweller; yet author Robdert Sullivan does just the opposite: he spent a year investigating a rat-infested alley just a few blocks from wall street, getting to know its habits, the efforts of exterminators, and others involved in the wild city rat's life.
Einstein did loathe the idea that physical processes could be random.
Many people seem to loathe or distrust the individuals or wider groups they believe might turn these fears into reality.
Venture capitalists and stock watchers are loathe to say dot-corns are worthless (they financed it all, of course), yet they don't really see a merger boom resuscitating former high fliers.
The Supreme Court, though loathe to admit it, is made up of individuals--individuals who study law and apply it equally based on the case or theory before the court, and who more often than not disagree with one another.
Having learned to "deteste[r] tout le sexe femenin" (H iiii: "to loathe the entire female sex"), this husband views his wife Helisenne, as well as woman in general, to be morally and sexually degenerate, and nothing more than modern-day Eves.
How we all loathe people who think they've arrived.
I loathe the designated hitter, but what I particularly loathe about it is its sheer pointlessness.