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someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest

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Albanese (2012) Table 2: Shifts in Organized Crime Activity over Time Original Activity Modern Version Local numbers and lottery Internet gambling at gambling international sites outside national regulation Heroin, cocaine trafficking Synthetic drugs (less vulnerable to supply problems) Street prostitution Internet prostitution and trafficking in human beings Extortion of local businesses for Extortion of corporations, protection money kidnappings, piracy for profit Loansharking (exchanging money at Money laundering, precious interest rates above the rate stones, commodities permitted by law) Theft and fencing stolen property Theft of intellectual property, Internet scams, trafficking globally available goods (e.
The family's crimes are believed to include labour and construction racketeering, loansharking, extortion, drug trafficking, money laundering, prostitution and murder for hire.
Victims of moneylenders often feel too intimidated or embarrassed by their financial circumstances to report cases of loansharking that can escalate into blackmail and threats of violence.
Loansharking is probably the mafia's most profitable and risk-free business.
The family stole millions of dollars through loansharking, extortion, embezzlement, labour racketeering, credit card fraud, attempted bank fraud and gambling, crimes that led to conspiracy and racketeering charges, the prosecutor said.
The Court reviewed the extensive record that led Congress to conclude that loansharking had a close connection to organized crime and that the activity, in the aggregate, had widespread economic effects.
at 340-41 (detailing the unlawful search of Calandra's business by federal agents and their seizure of loansharking evidence which the grand jury later attempted to use as the basis for questioning).
Personally, I can't balance my checkbook, let alone evaluate a case against someone for loansharking.
And indeed, the Gambino and Bonano crime families were built on murder, loansharking, theft and violence - and their publics knew it.
United States,(279) the Supreme Court upheld the regulation of intrastate loansharking because "[w]here the class of activities is regulated and that class is within the reach of federal power, the courts have no power `to excise, as trivial, individual instances' of the class.
Police yesterday searched the offices of a cardinal who is under investigation for loansharking, extortion and gangster links.
A man identified in a 1990 Pennsylvania Crime Commission report as "the principal Black racketeer in Chester," dealing in drugs and loansharking, was recently appointed as building supervisor in the Parks and Recreation Department.
loansharking in general is bad for interstate commerce), disagreed and upheld his conviction.
It took a pittance of FBI cash and the opening of a bar in Florida, which the crew hoped to use for gambling and loansharking, to trap supposedly suspicious Mafia leaders.
Other widely prohibited activities are loansharking (making loans at exorbitant rates), arson for purposes of fraud, and fencing (trading in stolen goods).