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someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters

a car that is lent as a replacement for one that is under repair

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Designed to provide professional photographers with continuous access to gear in the rare event of a camera system failure, the program provides three years of extended service and support from date of purchase plus loaner camera bodies and lenses, and a variety of value-added elements including a dedicated toll-free support number.
Millstone's wide range of outsourcing options includes packaging design and validation engineering, advanced mechanical inspection, sterile and non-sterile packaging, loaner kit processing, and distribution services.
A Volvo dealership in Bradford, Yorkshire, England is providing its customers the choice of a loaner bicycle or a traditional loaner car when they visit their Volvo office for service.
He gave me a loaner car, and everything seemed fine.
One approach that has been very well received for us is our loaner program for office work.
Denver-based InstaKeyLock Corporation has introduced a key exchange box that makes it easier to secure loaner keys at commercial buildings and uses any industry-standard rim cylinder.
CDF's loaner program allows students at Palomar to experience "exotic hardwoods" and prime themselves on "urban wood utilization," according to Eric Oldar, a regional field specialist at CDF.
Finance and managerial accounting students can check out loaner copies of the required texts for Sacramento City College professor Greg Burbage's courses as well as view his "Study Notes for Financial Accounting.
Having BABY-1 makes it easier to operate the centers because it acts as a mobile storage area for needed demonstration and loaner seats.
Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, an arm of the Boat Owners Association of the United States, Alexandria, Virginia, developed a life jacket loaner program in 1997.
Provide residents in need of amplification with a loaner hearing aid until more permanent arrangements were made
Although most shooters bring their own equipment, loaner guns are available.
Finding loaner furniture to substitute for late deliveries, helping the contractor work around piles of debris during a garbage strike, or appeasing local neighborhood coalitions are all in a day's work.
As part of the Storage Crisis Lifeline program, Spectra Logic will ship a free loaner library to severely affected customers who are unable to utilize their existing tape library or perform data restores.
To make the fishing experience more convenient, newcomers to the sport can borrow equipment from dozens of fishing tackle loaner sites across the state.