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a loan that is shared by a group of banks that join to make a loan too big for any one of them alone

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In addition, several key areas of risk should be considered before entering into business lending and loan participation agreements.
One of the highlights of the RCA's meeting was the presence of officials from the NCUA who spoke on the agency's CUSO and loan participation proposals as well as best practice information underwriting content, process and risk management protocols.
Wirz said beyond the NCUA's loan participation proposal, he think it would better if the agency takes a harder look at the underwriting by the purchasing credit union, which is an area he feels is often lacking.
At June 30, 2006, loan participations totaled $271 million, the reserve for loan participation losses was $.
As of December 2011, the total balance of loan participation sold or serviced by Telesis neared the $427 million mark.
The value of the fraudulent loans involved in the loan participation agreement was $1.
The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority, or AIDEA, Board approved a loan participation for a newly constructed retail project in Wasilla.
6, 2011, Newcomb entered into loan participation agreements with another federal credit union.
The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) Board at its August meeting in Ketchikan unanimously approved an energy development loan participation for a project located in Nome.
By joining a loan participation network, credit unions gain admission to a larger pool of borrowers, which can increase lending capacity quickly without the high costs of doing so on its own and without the added expense of hiring new staff.
He has significant experience representing real estate developers, funds, REIT's, CDO's, investors, and lenders in the acquisition, financing, development, refinancing, recapitalizing and sale of single-asset and portfolios of multifamily, retail, in-dustrial, office, and hotel properties and the origination, purchase, disposition and restructuring of senior and mezzanine real estate and corporate loans and loan participation interests.
From 2004 through July 2009, Randall raised more than $6 million from 30 investors through a scheme in which he caused persons to invest in a number of short-term loan participation programs, which in fact, did not exist.
Its most broad-based and popular option with businesses is the Loan Participation Program.
8 million Lynrocten Federal Credit Union have been accused of loan participation fraud in a $1.