loan approval

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formal authorization to get a loan (usually from a bank)

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Global Banking News-October 19, 2015--National Australia Bank enters into tie up to speed business loan approvals
Timely Loan Approval and Swift Availability of Funds : Without having to provide information regarding credit history, employees found loan approval and the ability to obtain the funds quickly, in some instances within 24 hours, to be vital.
While these disparities in loan approvals do not conclusively prove that blacks and Hispanics face discrimination in mortgage lending (in that they do not take into account possible differences in borrower creditworthiness) the differences are so dramatic that they strongly imply the existence of discrimination.
And while cultural factors have contributed to the low loan approval rating, Barragan said Pacoima has not received the same attention as other poor neighborhoods.
Home re financing loan approval rates rose roughly 4 percentage points for each major income group, while home purchase loan approval rates rose most dramatically for low-income borrowers.
Solex Expert Speaks to Streamlining RV Loan Approvals
As a designated PLP lender, Fortune Bank can now streamline the loan approval process and grant government-guaranteed loans to small business owners in a much faster timeframe.
Consumers that are in need of a loan typically don't have the time that it usually takes to wait for loan approval.
They got the loan approval a couple of months ago but decided to announce it Friday, he said.
Lenders have had to step up to the plate and match this technological, they have had to increase their loan approval times to keep consumers happy.
Other services include automation services for critical business processes such as pricing, underwriting and compliance; and development of loan approval, comparative evaluation and credit management systems.
has empowered its sales force, expediting the entire loan approval process, with its new Fast Answer program.
We wanted to work with Honduran technology specialists to design an automated system, one that doesn't rely so heavily on paperwork and which consolidates the loan approval process from three days to about 15 or 20 minutes," said Lehigh student Scott Menzer '07, a computer science and business major.
one of the leading providers of instant online loan approval technology, announces its new powerful Version 4 (V4) decision engine that features a high level of flexibility, customization and ease of installation.
Managing all processes from request to completion, Appian allows Real Capital to easily manage the loan approval process and ensure that customers are receiving the best possible service.