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consisting of or having the character of loam


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The loamy soil textures of the stands in this study are expected to have a moderate capacity to withstand compaction, and compaction may even increase productivity due to increased water retention and hydraulic conductivity (Powers et al.
Haunted by her nightmares, she gave vent to her torment with a rich, loamy voice, while Gazheli's sonorous instrument was heard to advantage as Oreste.
If you can't plant it in the open garden, put it in a really big container in loamy compost and give it a high-potash feed during the growing season.
Elegant, briary cherry/berry fruit (close to loamy source), sprinkled with pepper.
Samples were taken from a dark brown clay (Chromic Haploxerert; Soil Survey Staff 2010) from Bet Dagan (BD clay), a loam (Calcic Haploxeralf) from Gilat (GL loam), and a loamy sand (Typic Haploxeralf) from Ramat Hakovesh (RH loamy sand), Israel.
The fizz refreshes the palate immediately as does the crisp acidity but this is no frivolous fruit fest as the loamy mineral tone through the mid palate coats the tastebuds in this cracking little picnic wine and with only 10.
globe artichokes, which can be planted out on light or loamy soil in full sun.
If you are fertilising flower borders, avoid adding fish, blood and bone to them as its scent attracts them, along with the rich, loamy soil which is a haven for worms.
The upper till is greyish-brown or grey, in places containing yellowish loamy sand with poorly rounded carbonate clasts 8-40 cm in diameter.
Tobacco is cultivated in the west, on high, loamy, loose and well-drained acidic soils that demand constant fertilization.
Crace's imagery brilliantly suggests the loamy, lyric glories of rustic English language and life.
6 milligrams of alum-calcium carbonate per gram of sediment suppressed phosphorus release by 92 percent in sandy sediments and by 72 percent in clay loam and loamy sand sediments.
They like: Full sun or partial shade; deep, loamy soil.
The experiments revealed that the use of calcareous sapropel for fertilisation has a positive influence on agrochemical properties of sandy loamy cambisol post 24 years of sapropel action.
The short entry on transportation and trafficability mentions that the subtropical alpine climate of this section makes transportation for vehicles other than by road impossible, and that the dirt roads are in clayey and loamy soils.