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a rich soil consisting of a mixture of sand and clay and decaying organic materials

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The increase in C and N concentrations in the order sandy loam < loam < sandy clay loam < clay loam < silty clay loam (Table 6) was consistent with previous reports of a strong relationship between stabilisation of OC and clay content (Hassink 1997; Kogel-Knabner et al.
Ecotopes are represented by the NTC of interfluvial high plains composed of eluvial-diluvial loams on sod-podzolic loamy soils.
Loam contains an ideal mix of all three together with essential organic matter.
Even though the fine-textured clay loam sediments adsorbed the highest levels of phosphorus, the course-textured sandy sediments from the largest drainage areas released the most phosphorus back into the water after cleanup was complete.
Figure 3 shows the effect of moisture content on coefficient of soil interface friction for sandy clay loam texture S3.
Participants in Early's diversion community service program also upgraded South High's practice football field, removing trees that had fallen during the ice storm in December 2008 and applying seed, fertilizer and loam, and with help from the sheriff's department seeded, loamed and removed trees and more than four tons of rocks from O'Connell Field on Grove Street.
It comprises deep soils with sandy loam texture from 0 to 30 cm depth, transitioning into sandy clay loam from 30 to 200 cm.
s] at three depths for Hagerstown silt loam, Monongahela silt loam, and Nolin silt loam soils and their descriptive statistics are listed in Table 1.
Because additional advances are deemed new loam, they provide the shareholder with additional basis for deducting additional losses, but do not prevent income recapture for the zero- or low-basis loans repaid during the period.
In the garden, epidendrum soil would ideally be a sandy loam mixed with some peat moss.
Belarus is an important producer of potassium salts and rich in nonmetallics such as granites, dolomites and dolomitised limestone, marl and chalk, low-melting and refractory clay, loam and sand and gravel materials.
The texture classes of tills predicted to sustain fracturing were mainly clay, loam, clay loam, silty clay loam, and silty clay.
Her team added sheep prions to pure clay, sandy soil, and loam.
But Dirty Room's makeup was such that it elided the metaphorically pure associations of earth, loam, and soil; "Look, there's a screw," exclaimed my companion, staring at a dark mass that, far from being top quality, was filled with off-color clumps, sticks, and god knows what else.
The irrigated fields in Swastika, a few minutes from Kirkland Lake consist of sandy loam, with a pH between 4.