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Synonyms for loafing

having no employment

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When Rose came down, fifteen minutes later, with every curl smoothed and her most beruffled apron on, she found the boys loafing about the long hall, and paused on the half-way landing to take an observation, for till now she had not really examined her new-found cousins.
I insisted on travelling or loafing with the livest, keenest men, and it was just these live, keen ones that did most of the drinking.
I had then, as you remember, just returned to Lon- don after a lot of Indian Ocean, Pacific, China Seas-- a regular dose of the East--six years or so, and I was loafing about, hindering you fellows in your work and invading your homes, just as though I had got a heavenly mission to civilize you.
Then follows the greasy cap lined with fur of a half-gipsy, poaching, loafing fellow, who travels the Vale not for much good, I fancy:
We had been loafing along, till now, our sails shaking half the time and spilling the wind; and twice, for short periods, we had been hove to.
Loafing was all very well for these fellows, who knew not Mr Vladimir, and had women to fall back upon; whereas he had a woman to provide for -
He used to keep the ship loafing at sea for inscrutable reasons.
The bar of McGinty's saloon was crowded as usual; for it was the favourite loafing place of all the rougher elements of the town.
And to make loafing easy, the 120-unit restaurant chain is giving away a free Famous Onion Loaf to every table served that day.
Everyone needs a place to laze away a hot summer's day, and Damon's is the ideal loafing headquarters," said Shannon Foust, president and CEO.
The phenomenon that average individual performance decreases with increasing group size has become known as the Ringelmann Effect or, more recently, social loafing.
Social loafing is "a decrease in individual effort due to the social presence of other persons" (Latane et al.
In an innovative deal that recognizes the importance of the brand, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, a New York Times Company Regional Media Group publication, has licensed Creative Loafing (CL) Sarasota for use on products for its Sarasota newspaper audience.
ATLANTA -- ATLANTA, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of Directors of Creative Loafing, Inc.