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a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded


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Your loading dock is the gateway to and from your warehouse.
Even when trailers are at the loading dock, gaps often exist between the trailer and the edges of the dock opening.
When capacity is tight, the cost of installing an additional loading dock can run into tens of thousands of pounds.
This system is easy to use, cost-effective, and represents a significant improvement in loading dock fall protection.
Connors said the only significant changes to the property are the addition of about 34 parking spaces, for a total of 65 spaces, and the addition of 10 new loading docks.
Blue Giant is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of loading dock systems.
Control package: Various activities on the loading dock, until recently, were wired and operated independently.
In a thorough audit involving inventory, the CPA should ensure he or she spends enough time on the loading dock.
The changes have a direct impact at the loading dock -- an essential yet often overlooked link in the supply chain.
In yet another variation on the theme, The Loading Dock, based in Baltimore, has been very successful in taking unwanted construction materials and homebuilding equipment and donating it to community groups and individuals involved in affordable housing projects.
If the Trojan Horse were delivered to the Greeks today, no doubt the fatal package would be admitted through the loading dock.
What seems clear is that the cost of distribution activities incurred after a sale should be excluded from the reach of the UNICAP capitalization rules regardless of whether the costs are incurred at the loading dock area.
For companies looking for ways to quickly and safely expand their loading dock capacity without excavation and construction costs, the Impactable Dock Ramp from Leum Engineering provides a flexible, yet fixed loading dock option.
Request for Quote: Practice loading dock relocation
And with a quarter of all warehouse accidents happening in and around the loading dock, sharing the top spot is typically safety.